Friday, September 5, 2014

Buying your first fishing rod

One day I just decided to buy a rod (after my daughter were pissing me off about going out fishing)... I had no idea of what to look for; and of course, when you are on the tackle shop...With all those possibilities and brands, types materials etc... the choice becomes overwhelming.

Specialized stores might have a salesman willing to help; but when you are taking over 10 minutes and have literally no idea on how and why to spend 200 bucks on a rod.... they trend to leave you alone and hunt of another customer....

Wall mart superstores type of place are even better experience.... there is nobody around. So chances of buying something completely wrong is high.... usually when you have no idea of what you are doing, you end up buying the cheapest thing you can find...

The right equipment depends largely on what you intend to do with it. ...but there is the issue, I had no idea.

So I started to investigate and stuff... and the info I found was more likely people trying to sell me a specific brand or the overwhelming info about specific types of rods and techniques... .so here I am telling you what to do.

If you look at the butt end of the rod, near the handle, you will see some specifications printed on the rod. These printed specifications usually tell you the length of the rod, the rod’s action, and the range of line and lure size they are designed to cast.. within those specifications, look for the following:

Buy a 6 to7 foot MEDIUM power rod.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Now i'm a fisherman

Time to post.

I've decided to update this thing as it has been long time...

Happens that know i'm a fisherman .

One day, I think that it was because some TV program or something, my daughter asked me to take her fishing... On a quick trip vacation to chiriqui, we passed by Bambito hotel where there is a trout farm... easy and lots of fish so a warranty to get something hooked.

6 trout out and in my mind... she has already stractch that itch...

well... some months passed and one day we were running by a sort off superstore down here in Panama and out of the sudden, she just grabbed a rod and stated

This is the one i want.

So of course i got her a rod.. eventually.. But as spected, i got one for me... then everything started. 3 or 4 months has passed and i ended up spending small fortunes on fishing tackle. Everybody has a different way to do stuff... hundreds of options of terminal tackle, lures etc... me been me.. I started to “study about the subject” on-line and off-line.

Panama has good fisheries of peacock bass (locally called “sargento”)...the story goes as some medical doctor had a pond with these fish and by accident the species got introduced into the Chagres river (the one that supply water to the panama canal lake)... as peacock is aggressive, they vanish 6 or 8 local species... and are fun to catch according to the Internet...

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Download flappy bird here!

As this game has been removed from the playstore...

I took the time to help my fellow readers and upload the apk to my drobox accout.