Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It will stay white.... because the paint job!

obviously you know what i mean with above statement... and do not get me wrong... i don't care if the guy is black, white or an oreo cookie... but let me explain something i've been thinking...

it is pretty known that everybody that can is doing something to avoid the world wide economic repression that is knocking on our doors.
As usual, in the future nobody will relate that bush administration has borrowed more money than all the previous presidents in gringoland... and i'm sure everybody will blame obama...

i'm just typing random toughts here... god help us if what i'm thinking happens...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

About the crisis.... (understanding the system)

Ok folks....

long time without updating this thing... so maybe this site has lost some of it's readers....
anyways, here i go with my random toughs.
Lately (actually last week) the world has been shaking because the financial crisis and the 770 billion dollars Bush pulled out to try to put a aid bandage over a huge deep bleeding cut. As you could see on the right corner... i'm not an economist or anything alike... i'm just an electrical engineer... but i have some words to say about this!I am foreseeing hyperinflation:

The world situation now is basically a damned death circle... and at this point it seems that nobody can brake it... unless something catastrophic happens.. (end of the world kind of thing)
The world trade currency is the dollar... who is facing a problem by design. The dollarized economy is build all over thin air instead of stone or good foundations.... and this is basically how and why.

  • The united states (and apparently every country in the world except china) has a trade deficit. to avoid getting into numbers.... let me put it simple... the country creates goods and sells them out (exports) and also buy foreign goods (imports)... the key word here is "deficit" which means USA consume more than what it's produce. Only the united states has a trade deficit of over 400 billion dollars. In lower scale it is like earning $1000 and spending $2000.
Obviously, taking out all the bullshit math and trends and shit this looks pretty damn simple so a 8 year old kid can tell you what is wrong. Spending more than what we earn (or produce in the case of macroeconomic analysis) lead to the next problem.... The scary part of this trade deficit is that it's has been growing and the trend is to keep going up as hell up to the point that now it is uncontrollable. Ofcourse, neo-liberalization ideals are making this worst. (more about trade deficit here)
  • National debt is growing. The national debt (USA) is growing an average of 3.37 billion per year since september 2007. Only under George Bush command, Gringoland government has borrowed 4.3 trillion (check here for further details)
Back to the I earn $1000 and spend $2000... this is basically getting the other $1000 from credit cards and equity loans... pushing the problem forward.
What they don't tell you is that every single dime the government owe is affecting the dollar buying power (dollar value).

Since USA import more goods than they export... (trade deficit) in 1971 Richard Nixon change the rules... The dollar became a currency instead of real money.... Too much gold was going out from the USA to Japan, Europe and who knows where else, because each dollar was backed up by gold. Before this act, every bank/government could trade their dollars for gold.

  • So, since 1971 the dollar is, by design and instrument of debt; and now the US government could print as much dollars as they want out of "thin air" leading to dollar depreciation.
So new money is created out of "thin air" to supply the demand.... the new money printed get it's value from the existing money (that is no longer backed up by gold) so the real value drops... ripping off the buying power of each single dollar. Between 1996 and 2006, only 10 years, the dollar value has lost half of it's value compared to gold. In 1996 each ounce of gold worth US $250... in 2006 gold was sell over $600 and ounce... . sad but true.... since 1971 whatever you have saved in the bank worth NOTHING!

Many experts will say that the dollar depreciation is caused by inflation... and it may be true.. (who i am to contradict the experts) but according to my understandings... the system is designed to be inflationary...

Ok... i just realized i'm forgetting another problem
  • Government budget deficit. ok... this one is simple... the US government (and almost every other one) is spending more money than what they take in. Acording to last news, the US budget deficit is over $450 billion.
So... the ingredients for the financial disaster are in the bowl mixing.... and the system has been cooking them slowly...

As the Government needs money to supply the demand (because deficits) they print out treasury bonds (that actually are instruments of debs) increasing the national debt.... decreasing the value of the dollar. So here... at this point we can see clearly why it is a loop.


Ofcourse all above is sad and true... but it is not all the story. There is another big problem that make everything worst.
  • Elder people living longer. Why this is a problem? Retirements plans were designed with a specific life expectation that is now higher since technology , fitness awareness and others increase the life of the world population in average.
Only int he united states, baby boomers are about to retire... and since you understood that the money currently circulating is bad money, the Gresham law get's into action. If you do not understand what wikipedia is saying... here goes my explanation:

Back in the roman empire times, when the emperor needed to produce more money, usually they get a bunch of the existing coins... take out some gold/silver (Depending) and trow out coins with less real value (because the lack of metal)... so the REAL coins got into hiding. (here you see the bad money and good money)

So... if elders live longer they are taking out resources of an already in bankruptcy social security and medicare plans... which means these people will need to get into deb to supply their lack of resources...

So more deb is created...

Ok here is where everything gets interesting....
US dollars are created within a fractional reserve banking system.

The central bank (or the federal reserve) print money... but because the money isn't back up by gold anymore... these money has no real value.
The real action is that these "new money" is backed up by treasury bonds... a pice of paper that the government sells to the fed reserve... an instrument of debt.

basically the government is giving a promise to pay for the new printed money... .and that's all about the central bank creating new money (nothing interesting here)

THE REAL DEAL is what economist call "checkbook" money.
Let's say one of these elders i'm talking about goes to a bank to get a loan... the "comercial bank" use the money the central bank printed and give it away as a loan... but since the system is fractional they only need to keep 10% (current regulation) of that money created as a reserve.

What usually happens is that the guy who borrowed the money deposit it in his bank account... and the process repeats... the new bank keep 10% of it as a reserve and the rest is available for loans... (see modern money mechanics booklet)

on wikipeadia table (see link above) $357 dollars are created out of "thin air" on top of the original $100 dollars printed by the central bank (or federal reserve)... and again these money has no real value cause it is not backed up by gold anymore...

Something else comes into the equation here... each loans have the burden of interest... and as you may see... each debt creates new money into the system... so "money is debt and debt is money"

since debt is money and money is debt, the system encourage everyone to get into debt... decreasing the buying power of each dollar... encouraging everyone to buy more than what they can produce.... closing the cycle.

Every bill in your wallet is owed to someone by someone... permanently loosing it's buying power.... leading the system to it's inevitable failure.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The black hand...

Hello folks...
as an atempt to get rid of some time while bored at work... I became to realize I haven´t post anything in my blog latelly; so here you go.

All these days I´ve been basicaly playing wii. Got me The Godfather game (Blackhand edition for wii) and let me say something.. AWESOME!
The caracter control using the wii-mote is something unique. Bitchslaping people around for extorsion is so damned funny...

whoever played The godfather and liked the game HAS to try the wii version. It rocks.

Monday, September 8, 2008

My expensive weekend...

Well... as every person in the world at this times, I somehow found within myself a deep need of buying a flat screen TV. Since my birthday is this Thursday (september 11)...

After spending months checking on prices, waiting them to drop... but most likely, looking for 1080p in 32 inches I finally bought my flat screen (panasonic TC-32LZ800X) and a home theater for the combo meal.

This viera is a LCD, wich is nice cause they trent to last longer than plasma, no matter what they say, plasma loose brightness with the time. Anyhow i hook in my old nintendo wii to it and it rocks...
the funny part here is that, i had this wii since last year ( I think I got it in june or something), used it once or twice and then leave it getting dusty for a YEAR...
so i called a friend of mine and we started to play guitar hero and other bunch of crap he had... and obviously I went to the store to get some games. (so i'm spending arround 1400 bucks already)

oh... i forgot to tell you that panasonic do not provide the fucking HDMI cable for the home theater. (I wonder why the market so much the viera link if they won't provide the fucking cable) so add 25 bucks to the venture...

anyways, ended buying an RPG based game named Trauma center... nice (and i don't like too much the RPG's) then went to the supermarket... and as usual, the good husband has to pay the bill because whatever bullshit... so then i heard the magic words...

"ok honey, i'll get you a nice game for your birthday"
.... ehhh why not buying it now? (i smartly reply)

and we ended on multimax (a kinda officemax store) checking on the games... and let me tell you, here in panama nintendo wii has a lot of BULLSHIT games tarteged to small kids. Couple of weeks a go, I was about to get me a nice PSP bundle from amazon (knowing that you can download games from internet and save them on the memory stick after hacking the psp...) and read somewhere that 80% of the playstation2 games are available on wii and xbox360 I said to myself i'll save those 200~300 bucks ...

Looks like i'll have to buy all my games online...

Friday, September 5, 2008

Keep on working with the flow

I've been kinda busy wasting away some time by doing nothing. The truth...i've been watching TV and spending my savings while looking for a job... ok let me rephrase that... looking for a GOOD job.

Problem is that, I dunno if it is only here in Panama or in the whole fucking planet; but these motherfuckers company owners believe that people go to college just to let the time pass instead of making a career. (and by that, i mean they wanna pay you pnuts and ask for like 10 thousand skills)

anyways, I had this web page completely forgotten.
Somehow it came to my mind to ask for reviews and stuff because, let's face it; every single time you do something you think it rocks....

... and people has been telling me that i need to add some colors in here... now which ones?

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google pays now thru Western Union

Depending of your knowledge about the subject you'll find the title of this post having sense or not... but if you don't; then keep reading.
On the light brown area on the right side you may see some "adds"; that is adsense code.
Adsense is the add program offered by Google (aka the big G) to webmasters and basically it changed the internet for ever!

Before Google Adsense the internet was a place to find and share information (and pornography). Eventually someone thought... hey if i can sell thru a webpage charging to directly to a credit card and ship the merchandise later, i can close the front store and keep only my warehouse...

... well, I'm not sure if that happens like that, but when e-comerce came to life the sellers needed a system to pormote their online stores. (bypasing the spams, scams and everything else that usually comes tight with these kind of breakthru) with the time Google came with the idea of charging people for propaganda... and pay every webmaster who put the propaganda code on their pages and send traffic to the store website.

anyways, I have some adsense code on this blog (yes i'm a google bitch) and it means I get paid if someone see something interesting on the chocolate area, click and keep going with the process.
Now, istead of getting a nasty check (that usually takes 15 days to arrive to my pobox here in Panama city and then takes 15 labors days to cash in) I can request my payments thru Western Union... SUBERB
I wonder if the websites that are basically done to show off adds and do nothing else than consume server space will spread again as before...

far too much time on his hands!

Monday, August 11, 2008

a silly update!

As the topic suggest, this is just a silly update where i have literally nothing to say cause i've been busy taking care of my daughter and reading books at my mothers place.

My mother's house is like at 1.5 hours trip from mine... nice huge place.... the problem is that, as logic suggest, she is a woman and that means she practically take care of NOTHING at that place...

The wood floor is kinda fucked up among other things so i'm setting aside some cash to fix it (yes i'm a good kid, i know)
Anyways, now that cooper has been rasing it's price some jerk stole a big piece of cooper cable that happens to be carries my mom's phoneline.... so no telefone (nor internet) over there... i've been spending my time reading books and watching tv.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Panamanian Sunset

Based on the fact that I (as many people around the world) have a digicam... I started to take pictures like an idiot...

Anyways, from time to time that idiotness comes along and here I am, posting pictures I've taken with my sony cybershot (that is coming obsolete by the way).

Please note the line that the sun draws with the border of the earth (where it change from dark to light) at left.

Here are way more pictures of this event. I was driving with the wife to my mother's place and saw this... so took out the camera!

Monday, July 14, 2008

real TV...

This cheap programing have to end ASAP.

Was it the writer's strike?

We are paying for 'the crab channel', The Elvis interior decoration, budget channel, the drunken, horny teenager network... Beyond that there is the "Public" why I cannot live with Palestinians, even though I'm a Liberal, Network. If I get up too early or stay up too late there is always the 'how-to-enhance-that-certain-part-of-the... network.

Anybody with half a brain could write better comedy, dramas than this crap. We are being Law and Ordered and Jerry Springered and Dr. Phill to the death!

How is that so many people are consumed by the slutty performance of a mongoloid heiress who lifts her skirt at the opening of a belt buckle?

this world is close to it's end.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mr. Blogger... and Mr. reader

This one goes to all these guys who makes their lives a blog... or their blogs their lives

... anyways, you get the meaning...

The ones who post average 6 or 7 post daily no mater what, who don´t care if the content is important or if there are 4 words... or a thousand words; if it is an image or a video. Quantities... not qualities; yes... it is YOU who I'm talking about.

The objective: more daily hits, more indexing from google.

Those who get proud when hit the million comments, no matter if they were "spam" or a simple "good" like if that makes them the more popular... or the cool ones.
Whoever comes with something like "you can post in my blog too" or "post in my blog for a day"; like if it were a honor to do so or something... "I'll let you a piece of my space for my friends to know you", look how cool I am that I'll give your blog the push it needs.

They even think that us, the ones who write/post when the left ball is itchy are some kind of weird blogger who doesn't understand a bit of what it is...Generate content because the world is ending! type, draw and do whatever it takes to raise your technorati rank and your readers in feedburner. Run... RUN and hit f5 in every 15 seconds to see what news you can copy and paste...

And once you get all this... once you feel you have the authority you can give away something... win an ipod, win a laptop...

Mr. Reader.... you are nobody to these people. You don't give a shit to these people.... you don't give a shit to me! you are only another number in the statistics and Google Analytics... a refer or maybe a search keyword.
Please do not fall into the trap of "how to make money online" or the even better ones... SEO guides and "top 10 things to do to promote your blog"

Friday, July 11, 2008

It finally arrived

As you may know from previous post (and some discussion with my friend Daniel) I was in need of a new motorcycle helmet. As i said before, I realize my need of such a thing after riding my GSR over 160 km/h.
After 4 (or maybe 5) days of waiting patiently (and that way saving some bucks) the shoei RF-1000 is already in my hands... and it cost less than i was thinking.

Ok, the helmet worth $427.49 US dollars on ebay... (link to ebay item here)
the actual invoice looked like:
Subtotal: $427.49
Insurance: $7.20
Shipping (UPS Ground): $13.38
Total: $448.07

Anyways... that was the cost FOB miami.
the forwarder charged 27.90 to bring it from miami to panama.... so the total cost was
Subtotal: $448.07
Shipping (MIA-PTY): $27.90
Total: $475.97

Not bad at all for something that worth 600 bucks :)

Check more pictures below!
motorcycle helmet
Sell photos on photrade | By weput

motorcycle helmet
Sell photos on photrade | By weput

motorcycle helmet
Sell photos on photrade | By weput

motorcycle helmet
Sell photos on photrade | By weput

motorcycle helmet
Sell photos on photrade | By weput

motorcycle helmet
Sell photos on photrade | By weput

motorcycle helmet
Sell photos on photrade | By weput

by the way; these pictures was taking with my new cellphone... (nice quality ah?) maybe i'll post something about the palm centro later.

Human Tetris...

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Understanding the economics

I'll like to start the series of "This is bullshit!" post with one of the things that has been going around my head for long enough... economics.

WTF is economics?

This subject may appeir to be complicated; a matter of charts and statistics calculations among other things; but the truth is that all that is BULLSHIT!

In the real world, resources are limited; and the wants/needs of peoples/countries/whatever are not. You'll probably spend part of your money on rent, utilities and food. Then you might use the rest to go to the movies and/or buy new jeans. In theory, these people want to study your decision in buying things, how many "resources" you use to fulfill your needs.

The funny thing of this is, no matter how you see it, all the resources are on the same hand. If by resources you understand money, clearly the money is on fewer hands.
Energy? ok you just need to see how high the oil prices are climbing... If you understand it as time... you can't do whatever you want with your time because you are bounded to the system... so yes, it may be the study of human behavior when it comes to fulfill their needs and desires; but the resources are limited.... and owned by a small group.

No smoking policies

Recently, the almighty government of my country (as it has been occurring in other places as well) approved a law that restrict the rights of every smoker to literally nowhere. The paper said something like "it is forbidden to smoke in private places of common use as well as common use areas".... wich literally means you have to smoke in your house.

Now, it may be that the law is not so well composed or whatever; but it is completely ridiculous.

I understand that lately, world health organizations are worried because a trend of increase in pulmonary cancer and other diseases caused by smoking or sort of thing. In fact, statistics shows clearly an increase of "young people" heavily smoking; so everybody seems to be organizing in order to make difficult the smoke.

Now, i'm not against or in favor, please have that on mind; but don't you think... if the deal here is coerce people to make them quit...why not make the offer of cigarettes more difficult? I am more than sure that if a box of 20 cigarettes will cost 25 bucks...

... this is bullshit!

what are we waiting for?

I'll like to start this post with a random thoughts...
Several definitions of intelligence has been pronounce; but no matter what, the one that makes more sense is "the ability to solve problems". Based on the previous statement, money wise, if you are able to solve many financial issues, then you are very intelligent (financially talking)

At this very moment, the world is facing several serious problems... and all of them are related (this are some that i could compile)
  1. US dollar drop
  2. Public deb growth
  3. Population getting old (retirements plans)
  4. Oil prices going up
  5. Lower salaries
  6. outsourcing (jobs going out of the country)
  7. Social security bankruptcy (it seems that every country have this issue)
These issues are the most relevant that i could think about in a minute. If this situation still, medium class will fade away.
Now, the real problem here, besides not having enough money for buying things, is the lack of food and other goods as a direct consequence of a fucked up global economy. What will be a dollar good for... if you are not able to trade it?

There is a misconception of what is economy; and if the world keep still in not to care how to deal with the issues I mentioned before, we are going to be all fucked.
Economy is not really related to money. Back on who knows when, behind every single US dollar there were a pound of silver backing up it's value. Now... that same pound of silver still buys the same amount of gasoline that used to buy in 1900; and you may understand that today a gallon of gas is over 4.50 dollars (and raising).

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New face for this piece of crap

Well; as the title of this post says, this blot has a new face.
Learning how to make my own "blogger" theme/template of whatever was actually a piece of cake. The truth is that I'm a little used to wordpress engine; but this one is ok.

There are a bunch of reasons why I choose to use blogger instead of any other free blogging platform available... and one of the ones that matter the most is that I already had a google account (gmail and others) and this one let me use adsense on the code...
... so after a couple more tweaks to this CSS and HTML code and we are ready to go with all the bullshit.

Friday, July 4, 2008

pictures of the ride

In last post I wrote about the bike first ride out. (I usually use it for commute in the city and shit... this time i went to Colon city and passed thru Madden Dam)

keep on blogging.

in order to keep going with the idea of having a blog; I'm supposed to type some bullshit so this webpage will look like have some activity.

Today i wanna write about... a little issue i have at this moment. About this time last year, I started to get into the biking thing (riding motorcycles). I started with a suzuki EN-125. Several people told me that here in Panama doesn't worth to have a bigger bike than a 125.... the truth is that a 125 is more than enough for riding on the city...
... anyways, i got involved in an accident and the 125 bike got fucked up (not my fault by the way) so insurance company paid me the bike and i got a suzuki GSR-600.

I took the bike last week for it's first long ride and truth to be told, the bike handles superb.. I love it; but there's an issue. The helmet I have is old and I bought it second handed (yes I'm a cheap bastard, but i rode a 125 cc bike with no more than 12 hp) so it is totally uncool to wear that helmet and ride above 150 km/h... I need a new one.

All motorcycle sellers here in Panama sucks big time when it comes to riders equipment. The truth is that there is no big market here... the majority of riders are messengers who rides 125 cc bikes... bigger bikes are owned by old guys with Harley Davidson feeling... and ofcourse i have a sport bike... so full face quality helmets has to be imported.

anyways, I haven't decided if i'll buy a shoei or an arai... or maybe the latelly released bell star II.

I'll keep you guys posted.

Friday, June 27, 2008

New gadget on this blog.

ok folks...
since i barely have something to do atm, I'm adding a gadget on this website that will randomly post the prices of gasoline. (check out the sidebar)

Oil is the blood that keep the world moving.; and i've been reading/listening/watching the consequences of these high prices between the lines... or simply on the TV.

The point is that, since the oil goes high, everything goes high... and because whoever produce rice and other agro products doesn't even earn a buck while doing it because the expenses... ... there is a risk of low supplies in food.

One other little thing about the oil (petroleum) is deal in US dollars... since the dollar is getting weak...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Hello world

Based on the fact that this blog was created while a go… then i delete all it’s content and decided to start writing again… here is, yet again the hello world.
I’m starting writing again with no apparent reason… so the truth here is that maybe this thing will not even make sense. anyways… HELLO WORLD.