Friday, July 4, 2008

keep on blogging.

in order to keep going with the idea of having a blog; I'm supposed to type some bullshit so this webpage will look like have some activity.

Today i wanna write about... a little issue i have at this moment. About this time last year, I started to get into the biking thing (riding motorcycles). I started with a suzuki EN-125. Several people told me that here in Panama doesn't worth to have a bigger bike than a 125.... the truth is that a 125 is more than enough for riding on the city...
... anyways, i got involved in an accident and the 125 bike got fucked up (not my fault by the way) so insurance company paid me the bike and i got a suzuki GSR-600.

I took the bike last week for it's first long ride and truth to be told, the bike handles superb.. I love it; but there's an issue. The helmet I have is old and I bought it second handed (yes I'm a cheap bastard, but i rode a 125 cc bike with no more than 12 hp) so it is totally uncool to wear that helmet and ride above 150 km/h... I need a new one.

All motorcycle sellers here in Panama sucks big time when it comes to riders equipment. The truth is that there is no big market here... the majority of riders are messengers who rides 125 cc bikes... bigger bikes are owned by old guys with Harley Davidson feeling... and ofcourse i have a sport bike... so full face quality helmets has to be imported.

anyways, I haven't decided if i'll buy a shoei or an arai... or maybe the latelly released bell star II.

I'll keep you guys posted.


  1. You are a CHEAP bastard...
    buying an GSR-600, and doesn't have a good helmet... this is like driving a car over 200 KM/H in a spare tire (the thin little one) you dumb ass... at least I started with a Yamaha Virago 535. And it was a great bike (it was... since I sold it due to financial problem) so... the first day I got that bike I went to Cerro Anton, that is about 1 hour 45 min from the city... and thanks God I haven't got an accident yet... 'coz you drive like crazy...
    finish comment other day... need to go to work...

  2. yeah... go to work
    you have to pay me!

  3. Hey.. CHEAP bastard...
    by the way... here is what you need... get a good one...

  4. you moron!