Sunday, July 13, 2008

Mr. Blogger... and Mr. reader

This one goes to all these guys who makes their lives a blog... or their blogs their lives

... anyways, you get the meaning...

The ones who post average 6 or 7 post daily no mater what, who don´t care if the content is important or if there are 4 words... or a thousand words; if it is an image or a video. Quantities... not qualities; yes... it is YOU who I'm talking about.

The objective: more daily hits, more indexing from google.

Those who get proud when hit the million comments, no matter if they were "spam" or a simple "good" like if that makes them the more popular... or the cool ones.
Whoever comes with something like "you can post in my blog too" or "post in my blog for a day"; like if it were a honor to do so or something... "I'll let you a piece of my space for my friends to know you", look how cool I am that I'll give your blog the push it needs.

They even think that us, the ones who write/post when the left ball is itchy are some kind of weird blogger who doesn't understand a bit of what it is...Generate content because the world is ending! type, draw and do whatever it takes to raise your technorati rank and your readers in feedburner. Run... RUN and hit f5 in every 15 seconds to see what news you can copy and paste...

And once you get all this... once you feel you have the authority you can give away something... win an ipod, win a laptop...

Mr. Reader.... you are nobody to these people. You don't give a shit to these people.... you don't give a shit to me! you are only another number in the statistics and Google Analytics... a refer or maybe a search keyword.
Please do not fall into the trap of "how to make money online" or the even better ones... SEO guides and "top 10 things to do to promote your blog"

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