Thursday, July 10, 2008

No smoking policies

Recently, the almighty government of my country (as it has been occurring in other places as well) approved a law that restrict the rights of every smoker to literally nowhere. The paper said something like "it is forbidden to smoke in private places of common use as well as common use areas".... wich literally means you have to smoke in your house.

Now, it may be that the law is not so well composed or whatever; but it is completely ridiculous.

I understand that lately, world health organizations are worried because a trend of increase in pulmonary cancer and other diseases caused by smoking or sort of thing. In fact, statistics shows clearly an increase of "young people" heavily smoking; so everybody seems to be organizing in order to make difficult the smoke.

Now, i'm not against or in favor, please have that on mind; but don't you think... if the deal here is coerce people to make them quit...why not make the offer of cigarettes more difficult? I am more than sure that if a box of 20 cigarettes will cost 25 bucks...

... this is bullshit!

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