Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Panamanian Sunset

Based on the fact that I (as many people around the world) have a digicam... I started to take pictures like an idiot...

Anyways, from time to time that idiotness comes along and here I am, posting pictures I've taken with my sony cybershot (that is coming obsolete by the way).

Please note the line that the sun draws with the border of the earth (where it change from dark to light) at left.

Here are way more pictures of this event. I was driving with the wife to my mother's place and saw this... so took out the camera!


  1. That is wild the way the line is so defined.

    I can also "see" various faces (profiles) in many of the clouds.

    Nice job capturing the unique formation(s)!

  2. Thank you Tim

    hopefully I'll start posting several stuff like this.

    The real thing here is that i finally (after who knows what time) got the damned memory stick pro duo (LOL)

    anyways thanks for your words

  3. Great Photos! Thanks for using photrade :)