Monday, July 14, 2008

real TV...

This cheap programing have to end ASAP.

Was it the writer's strike?

We are paying for 'the crab channel', The Elvis interior decoration, budget channel, the drunken, horny teenager network... Beyond that there is the "Public" why I cannot live with Palestinians, even though I'm a Liberal, Network. If I get up too early or stay up too late there is always the 'how-to-enhance-that-certain-part-of-the... network.

Anybody with half a brain could write better comedy, dramas than this crap. We are being Law and Ordered and Jerry Springered and Dr. Phill to the death!

How is that so many people are consumed by the slutty performance of a mongoloid heiress who lifts her skirt at the opening of a belt buckle?

this world is close to it's end.

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