Thursday, July 10, 2008

Understanding the economics

I'll like to start the series of "This is bullshit!" post with one of the things that has been going around my head for long enough... economics.

WTF is economics?

This subject may appeir to be complicated; a matter of charts and statistics calculations among other things; but the truth is that all that is BULLSHIT!

In the real world, resources are limited; and the wants/needs of peoples/countries/whatever are not. You'll probably spend part of your money on rent, utilities and food. Then you might use the rest to go to the movies and/or buy new jeans. In theory, these people want to study your decision in buying things, how many "resources" you use to fulfill your needs.

The funny thing of this is, no matter how you see it, all the resources are on the same hand. If by resources you understand money, clearly the money is on fewer hands.
Energy? ok you just need to see how high the oil prices are climbing... If you understand it as time... you can't do whatever you want with your time because you are bounded to the system... so yes, it may be the study of human behavior when it comes to fulfill their needs and desires; but the resources are limited.... and owned by a small group.

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