Thursday, July 10, 2008

what are we waiting for?

I'll like to start this post with a random thoughts...
Several definitions of intelligence has been pronounce; but no matter what, the one that makes more sense is "the ability to solve problems". Based on the previous statement, money wise, if you are able to solve many financial issues, then you are very intelligent (financially talking)

At this very moment, the world is facing several serious problems... and all of them are related (this are some that i could compile)
  1. US dollar drop
  2. Public deb growth
  3. Population getting old (retirements plans)
  4. Oil prices going up
  5. Lower salaries
  6. outsourcing (jobs going out of the country)
  7. Social security bankruptcy (it seems that every country have this issue)
These issues are the most relevant that i could think about in a minute. If this situation still, medium class will fade away.
Now, the real problem here, besides not having enough money for buying things, is the lack of food and other goods as a direct consequence of a fucked up global economy. What will be a dollar good for... if you are not able to trade it?

There is a misconception of what is economy; and if the world keep still in not to care how to deal with the issues I mentioned before, we are going to be all fucked.
Economy is not really related to money. Back on who knows when, behind every single US dollar there were a pound of silver backing up it's value. Now... that same pound of silver still buys the same amount of gasoline that used to buy in 1900; and you may understand that today a gallon of gas is over 4.50 dollars (and raising).

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