Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Google pays now thru Western Union

Depending of your knowledge about the subject you'll find the title of this post having sense or not... but if you don't; then keep reading.
On the light brown area on the right side you may see some "adds"; that is adsense code.
Adsense is the add program offered by Google (aka the big G) to webmasters and basically it changed the internet for ever!

Before Google Adsense the internet was a place to find and share information (and pornography). Eventually someone thought... hey if i can sell thru a webpage charging to directly to a credit card and ship the merchandise later, i can close the front store and keep only my warehouse...

... well, I'm not sure if that happens like that, but when e-comerce came to life the sellers needed a system to pormote their online stores. (bypasing the spams, scams and everything else that usually comes tight with these kind of breakthru) with the time Google came with the idea of charging people for propaganda... and pay every webmaster who put the propaganda code on their pages and send traffic to the store website.

anyways, I have some adsense code on this blog (yes i'm a google bitch) and it means I get paid if someone see something interesting on the chocolate area, click and keep going with the process.
Now, istead of getting a nasty check (that usually takes 15 days to arrive to my pobox here in Panama city and then takes 15 labors days to cash in) I can request my payments thru Western Union... SUBERB
I wonder if the websites that are basically done to show off adds and do nothing else than consume server space will spread again as before...

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