Friday, September 5, 2008

Keep on working with the flow

I've been kinda busy wasting away some time by doing nothing. The truth...i've been watching TV and spending my savings while looking for a job... ok let me rephrase that... looking for a GOOD job.

Problem is that, I dunno if it is only here in Panama or in the whole fucking planet; but these motherfuckers company owners believe that people go to college just to let the time pass instead of making a career. (and by that, i mean they wanna pay you pnuts and ask for like 10 thousand skills)

anyways, I had this web page completely forgotten.
Somehow it came to my mind to ask for reviews and stuff because, let's face it; every single time you do something you think it rocks....

... and people has been telling me that i need to add some colors in here... now which ones?

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