Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Automatic Gate Openers

This time I'll like to talk out about something that I've found annoying.
I live in a small apartment here in Panama city; and somehow the automatic gate opener of the building started to fail.

Since I am poor.... I don't have a scanner to check if the clicker was doing it's job or not... so I did what anybody without my electronics engineering training will do in this kind of situation; talk to his neighbors.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Facebook SUCKS!

I don't really wanna be writing stuff like this on my blog... bug guess what..

Today I think I got enough.

Facebook is a good idea... (maybe that's why people use it and bla bl abla) but here are some facts from a user standing point... ME

1.every single time I open the page; I see a gazillion bullshit applications with no other possible mean of existence than piss me off. I mean.. who cares of what color is my aura... what Sheldon Copper says (this one just copy/paste dialogs from the big bang theory)

Monday, September 21, 2009

The gay virus

Since I've been in my coffee dosage; I had some loco ideas for a couple of movies... LOL
I've done some observations; and apparently, every 30 minutes some dude gets out of the closet.

So I've came with the idea of a spreading infection...
Bacteria usually have a 30 minutes period between every new generation; and then... what if the whole gay thing is a disease?? a spreading infection?

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

reving up!

Apparently I've become addicted to coffee.

I work on a small office where everybody puts a little money asides to buy snacks for the team. (7 people atm)

so... payday kinda away; the coffee got delayed this week because the guys didn't had any change...
and I got sleepy at 8 or 9 pm so by the time the tv news were ending I was tucking myself.

today... COFFEE

And I'm awake as usual reading like gazillion of things while listening to music and stuff then... .bam

I start writting.

So I have a bunch of jokes/books ideas that I think I'll start soon (if the coffee rush keep kicking in) and ofcourse... post.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Slackware 13 setup


tonight is one of these days I say to myself... time to blog

and what else to blog about than the amazing slackware linux...

Since the "official announcement" of slackware going 64 bits; and me braking my old mobo installed slackware64 current on my pc... It just worked like a charm besides the little customer things... like me not liking KDE4 and stuff..

Last week slackware team made the official release of version 13 stable... so ofcourse I went to slackwarestore in a honest attempt to buy a DVD... then saw like... ok it worth 50 bucks...

... not that i don't feel like it doesn't worth the 50 bucks but... (i'm short lately) i got myself a nice black tshirt and started downloading.

This time I made a CLEAN install wiping out all my HDD's and installed everything...

so here i go with my "setting up slackware" guide.

  • Optimizing LILO
Slackware still use lilo... why?
simple... IT WORKS!

by using the old known linux loader you are loading a basic system that then has to load all your crap... no need for extra parameters... and let's face it; configuring lilo is way simpler than GRUB.

Just add compact to the top of your lilo.conf

  • Optimizing rc.M
There are parts of this script that doesn't need to be loadead every single boot.
I personally comment outthe fc-cache and ldconfig lines. One only needs to be run after installing a new font, the other after installing a new library.

Note: I use to do this since i had old and slow hardware.. but with my shiny new build with 8 GB of ram... i don't notice the extra processes

  • Setting up ALSA
Back on those days that I went from redhad (yes... I sometimes feel bad because now I know rpm based system sucks) this one was one of those tricks you feel good when find out.

/etc/rc.d/rc.alsa start
alsactl store

Make sure you do the last one... because it will save the settings... otherwise you'll have to run alsamixer to be able to hear something thru your speakers every single time.

  • Setting up X
Ok... this one i wasn't going to post about; but since amd took the time to release a driver that WORKS (even if they drop support for linux for many old but still rocking cards with the release of their crappy 9.3 catalyst) the actual ones works pretty well.

since i build this machine I started to miss my nvidia 6300 256ram... I feel nvidia drivers for linux are superior but hey... amd did something good...
they don't send you a pre-compiled module anymore.. they send you sources so their ati-installer actually compile the kernel module...

every single time the fucking module didn't load and you startx... it halted the system bad...

  • Configure the system to boot into X
The only real advantage that I see on this one is having your wife not bitching arround... ok that wasn't the real one.
The real one is that by enabling booting into X you are able to shutdown the machine logged as a mere user...

Edit “/etc/inittab” and change the default runlevel from 3 to 4.

  • Windows Emulation
This one is an important one because lately i've been playing starcraft again.. (starcraft2 is comming out next year and i want to rock on that one)
anyways... if you are not willing; or just don't want to install windows on a Vbox or something...

Install wine (duh!)
run the winecfg
Enable support for misc binaries:

edit “/etc/rc.d/rc.modules” and uncomment the following line:/sbin/modprobe binfmt_misc

Then add the following to “/etc/fstab”:

none /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc binfmt_misc defaults 0 0

Now add the following to “/etc/rc.rc.local”:

echo ':windows:M::MZ::/path/to/wine:' > /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register
echo ':windowsPE:M::PE::/path/to/wine:' > /proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register

From now on; every *.exe file will be executed by wine...
I think it needs to be rebooted to work... don't remember....

do it anyways.

Monday, August 10, 2009

why ubuntu SUCKS!

Here is the irrefutable fact that backs up my point...

Here is part of the logs or a chat window i had with a friend of mine....
This is ubuntu:

root@weput-workstation:~# free -g

total used free shared buffers cached

Mem: 7 5 2 0 1 2

-/+ buffers/cache: 0 6

Swap: 7 0 7

(9:26 PM) Kernel Panic: fucking ubuntu SUCKS

(9:26 PM) schizoid...[ My Life: hahaha

(9:26 PM) schizoid...[ My Life: lol man pa q lo tienes instalado

(9:26 PM) Kernel Panic: todavia me estoy haciendo esa misma pregunta...

(9:26 PM) Kernel Panic: root@weput-workstation:~# free

total used free shared buffers cached

Mem: 8082740 5657224 2425516 0 1867244 2788452

-/+ buffers/cache: 1001528 7081212

Swap: 7912004 0 7912004


And after reboot on slackware...

(10:55:02 PM) Kernel Panic: slackware ruless
(10:55:47 PM) Kernel Panic: weput@weput:~$ free -g
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 7 0 7 0 0 0
-/+ buffers/cache: 0 7
Swap: 7 0 7
weput@weput:~$ free
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 8170628 763724 7406904 0 49904 351428
-/+ buffers/cache: 362392 7808236
Swap: 7912004 0 7912004

and for those of you little bitches that will come with a bunch of bullshit
ubuntu 9.04 with stock human whatever gnome theme... running the rithmbox for some mp3 players; 2 windows of firefox and pidgin...

on slackware...
using slackware current64 with kde4, amarok and 2 firefox windows too... (and kde4 have a bunch of plasmoids on it...)

i don't know you... but if i want to waste my ram i'll better think of windows ME or some other microsoft crap.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shit happens...


I forgot to write about this.. but here I go

I have a 98 honda legend (acura legend)... nice car... with only 70000km on it... bought it cheap from previous owner bl abl abla...

one day i found out it was flat...
and as usual with second handed cars... tools are there; but not necesary functional... the jack didn't have the operator level..

fuck it... i'll get an hydro jack since i'll spend some cash on it.

so i went to doit center store... and got me a nice 3tons botle hydro jack... that DIDN'T FIT under my car...

since i have another car i said to myself...ok i'll keep this one and buy a 2 tons jack (little bit smaller) that will work and no problem..

the 2 tons jack didn't raise the car far enough for the tire to come off...

after all.. I ended buying a sealent spray and paying more to the tire shop because the sealant and shit..

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Slackware64 with KDE3.5

Hello folks.

I have to apologize because lately I've been with no feeling at all to sit and write something on this blog... Anyways here I go.

Since KDE folks released kde4; several people had the reaction because let's face it... WE DON'T LIKE IT.
keeping that aside, "The Man" announced the official support for amd64 arch... wich is great based on the fact that pretty much everyone has a 64 bit processor (and if not i'm selling a Athlon 7750 BE cheap)

Now; Slackware64 current has kde 4.2 or something.... i tryed to adapt to it and... no go.... so i started to read a bunch of forums and shit... and several people is thinking the same... slack64 with kde3.5.10 ...

I don't know you; but i successfully installed kde3.5.10 (from slackware 12.2) packages on my slackware64 current installation with no troubles....
I test that on a couple of virtual machines and went for my system... so for all you guys at the forums... i dunno why you are making such a noise since it is not rocket science

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A silly update

Hello all

there has been some time since last post (or at least since last real one) but latelly I've been consumed by household shores among other things (playing nintendo, driving the bike, scuba diving etc etc)

basically I'm living my live.

Today I'm taking the time to write while the gutemprint driver get's installed on my compuer (installing stuff the old way takes some time)
I have a new CISS (continous ink supply system) that i bough relativelly cheap on ebay and now i can fill it up with 1 epson cartrige... (I mean, what a single cartrige of ink worth buys enough ink to fill the danmed CISS)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It has begun...

It has been a month since I've posted something in this page; but if you are aware of the latest events on my personal live I think it is understandable.... anyways I do apologize for the frivolity.

I'm writing this post because (as usual) I do have a couple of words to say about something... today's toppic:

Swine flu.

I'm convinced that this is not a product of the "governing dynamics". I am 100% sure that this outbreak is the product of BIO TERRORISM....

Back at school I did pay attention to biology classes; and I understand clearly that a virus is a piece of DNA wrapped on a protective protein.
Ofcourse; based on it's structure mutations are very possible; in fact, every single year there is a new breed of flu virus.

But this time happens that the swine flu that started on mexico has genes nor for one nor two... but FOUR different types of flu....

I don't know you but I can smell the smoking gun around.... and the following video will back up my thoughts in this shit.

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Multi Level Marketing Scheme

I just can't start this post without thanking you all; friends and readers, for your support in the latest events. Losing a son change your live in many ways.

Now; getting into topic; my wife and I were recently introduced once again to the MLM scheme crap. Now it is coming stronger than ever since the world feels deep the wounds of the financial crisis and people are losing their jobs... (just have a guess on the sales pitch for a second)

The host; a guy who is on a wheelchair, was explaining that he found out the products looking for solutions to his problems... Some crap story about facebook who know what else ended with him joining "Agel"; a company that claims to develop a "gelceutical"; which means nutritional supplements suspended on gel.
This company hasn't been stablished yet in panama (the country where I live) so ofcourse been a starter means been on the tippy top of the pyramid.

Somehow; as everything hat "matters" acording to the host and the guy who was pushing the investment oportunity... the program worth $1000 bucks.
Ofcourse I came home after the brainwash attempt and made some reserach... and found some interesting shit.

1. Everybody who clams that Agel is crap.... actually is blaming the system; not the products. The reallity is that NOBODY can asure this gel suspension bullshit works or not... There is no independent study that found anything about anybody that has been used this gels.... so the products may be good or bad... who knows...

The facts:
Many doctors... and some people who think they know something about medicine... and ofcourse all the idiots that are brainwashed will tell you that you need supplements because you eat crap...
and because all you eat is crap, your buddy will sick and diying!

Ok; it is true; the world is fucking fat and sick... and we do eat crap; but

why is it that vitamins, supplements and all these nonsense bullshit make 80 billion dollars a year?


because we are stupid!

There are studies that Sodium Glutamate and sugar are poisons... lab rats are "created" with sodium glutamate and sugar to be fat since no fat rat is available "al natural" and scientist have to create their condition.

take a quick trip to your kitchen and find out that fucking everything is treated with sodium glutamate and sugar... and if not; maybe it says something like hydrolyzed vegetable protein... Same crap! That's a Sodium glutamate fancy name.

We eat like pigs and go to job.... (which is usually an air conditioned office) get back home.... grab the remote and turn on the TV while having dinner...

... and we wonder why we are fat.

So this habits have created a $80 billion business worth of BULLSHIT.

Every fucking minute there's a new crap out that claims to be an abs builder... or a fat burner or who knows what

Back to agel... no warranty if the products are just a mix of water and fancy flavored cool aid with gelatin and maybe some aspirin just to add some real medicine in here.

2. the Sales pitch:
They push hard the $1000 dollars package which includes 16 boxes of the gels... each box have 30 individual doses and worth 60 bucks according to them.
They also tell you that the average family use 4 boxes a moth...

so... who in the fuck is crazy to buy 60 dollars worth of bullshit with artificial flavor?

Even if the products do what they claim to do... or even if it is the elixir of youth; it is fucking expensive..

2 bucks per serving + shipping and handling... you have to be kidding me!

On the video they gave me/made me watch; there is and old guy saying that the breakthrough is the delivery system... guess what.. that is bullshit. Gel suspensions are older than the company (company has been started at 2005 according to my research) and then says that the mouth wash industry make millions by inventing the mouth wash strips... and that may be true but somehow it didn't convince me.

Actually what got me thinking is that here in the country there are like 2 or 3 people who actually joined; so if i lock my position in the company I'll be able to make a profit because it is starting...

... but that was also part of the sales pitch... they came with something like all network marketing companies are well established (so you are getting in too late) and some more crap that i don't remember.

So i saw a way to lock my position and get my money back ASAP... but I'm still thinking if doing the move or not because at the end; as you could see in what I'm writing... I think this is all crap

Sunday, March 29, 2009

My soul weeps

My son, James; as he was baptized passed away this morning, march 29.

He barely did survive his first 24 hours.... and within that time he gave me enough happiness and joy...

He moved and opened his eyes before me; and that moment is with me for ever.

Be in peace my dear son; because at the end, we'll met together when my time come.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

My premature child

Usually I do not blog about my life... let's face it; my life is like every other human live...

but Today is a Great day... Day of hope and dreams

My second child was born early this morning... with issues as any other premature newborn he is fighting against the odds every minute he's alive...
He is not breathing by his own yet... and when i shake his tiny hands today he opened his eyes for a second...

what a moment..

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Free playboy magazine issues from the last 50 years!

I have to admit that; at the very moment I got this link I thought "This have to be on blogging da' bullshit!"

There is a website that has all the issues of "Playboy magazine"... from the last 50 years totally FREE

The catch is that you need "Microsoft Silverlight" software... which sucks because I'm a linux user... (nothing that can't be solved with virtualization... :D)

Now; I do have my doubs... why the creator of this website will select some plugging/application that is not widelly spread?

I smell conspiracy!

Anyway; the website is

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

China calls for new International reserve currency

Yesterday; march 23, Chinese central bank has publicly called for the world to adopt a new "reserve currency" and replace the U.S. dollar as the present reserve currency of the world with a new global system controlled by the International Monetary Fund.

A reserve currency (or anchor currency) is a currency which is held in significant quantities by many governments and institutions as part of their foreign exchange reserves. It also tends to be the international pricing currency for products traded on a global market, such as oil, gold, etc. (wikipedia)

I think there's nothing to add to this new except the "ha ha"
I've been writing enough about global economy and how the dollar is fucked up that these news are no surprise to me.

source 1
source 2

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spent every dollar you own NOW..... unless you want to use it to wipe your ass!

Gringoland Government has collapsed; nobody is willing to lend them money.

If you are one of those people who were saving to buy a new car; or maybe a fancy week in Europe or some shit like that; my advice is: get to the bank, close all your accounts and SPEND YOUR MONEY NOW!

Several post back I've wrote about some insights of "The monetary system". Once you understand the ways of money supply you'll find out that the system is faulty by design; and everybody knows that if something is designed the wrong way; it should need a replacement soon (take a close look to MS Windows and their "service packs" if you dare to question my logic!)

This is an absolute disaster of unimaginable proportions...

Here's what's going on:

When the government need money, they print a paper (Treasury bonds) and hold an auction for those papers to exchange these instruments of debt with the public; offering various interest rates depending of the time of hold and other particulars...

Simple... In fact; every broker/economist or whoever related to the money field will tell you that the T-bonds are the "safer instrument of investment"....

.. guess what


USA Federal Government is fucked up to the bones; and the investors are fully aware of it; so now, nobody is willing to buy US debt anymore.

So, if nobody lent the money... how they keep on going with their dinosauric deficits?

Answer: The Federal Reserve buy the Treasury Bonds... (please read this post here at Blogging da' Bullshit because I don't wanna re-write a post)

The Fed is pushing 1 Trillion dollars more into the system by buying US government bonds... last time the Fed bought T-bonds was in 1960's.
Concluding a two-day policy meeting, the central bank said it would buy up to $300 billion in longer-term Treasuries to bring down borrowing costs, harkening back to a program called "Operation Twist" that ran from 1961 to 1965.

New money out... made of thin air to create the illusion of wealth.

Question: Where does that new money get's it's value??

Answer: from the one who is already in existence... reducing the purchasing power of every single dollar... leading the economy to the state that nobody want's to talk because it is politically incorrect..


As a side note; The Fed is not part of the government... it is a PRIVATE BANK. It has been a private bank since it's day of opening in 1913. If you are someone like me who like to digg deep; try to find out what the guy whose face is in your 20 bucks bills did with the central bank and you'll start to see some trends here...


Source 2
Source 3
Source 4

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Obama new about AIG bonuses before they were paid!

For those of you who don't know, the American International Group (aka AIG) received a US$ 170 billion dollars in bail out concept; was giving away US$ 165 millions in "bonuses" to the "financial gurus" who fucked the company...

AIG said the bonuses was part of the executives contracts... as far as I know, you get a bonus if your performance deserves it... so... if these people has been managing the company so GREAT that they needed 170 BILLION in bailout money....

I didn't wanted to write about it because... who give a fuck?

bloggosphere was filled up with this titles about AIG and every gringo I know was sort of pissed... Up to the fact the board of the company have posted armed guards outside their offices in Wilton and Stamford, CT after public anger became a little too uncomfortable for them.

Now happens to be that Barack Obama recieved US$101332 from AIG acording to

The other top recipient of AIG political money was none other than Senator Chris Dodd, Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee that originated and pushed through, hundreds of billions in bailout money.


Ok, happens to be that is DOWN....



Friday, March 13, 2009

Microsoft is buying Dell.

I just received and email from my new source telling me that "Microsoft is buying Dell".

Apparently blogging da' bullshit is becoming popular enough to receive first hand this kind of "tips"

Anyways, my source told me that the merge (or buyout; who knows what's going to happen) is supposed to be done in full by late April (next month)

Taking into consideration that Dell stock has been dropping value since... lets face it; it has never been that high!

The average price for the time I was working there was around 30 or 35 bucks it my memory is not lying.... anyways; I've contact some of my old friends working at Dell and they told me 'that their chairman, Michael Dell has said he'll like to explore new horizons...

interesting words I supposed.

I wonder how it will affect dell employees...

Anyways, this is not an official announcement of course.... so don't go stupidly now and buy dell stocks since they are in less than 10 bucks because if you do that based on the "tip" I just told you, think that everybody will try to do the same and the stock value will drop based on higher demand.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What the hell?

While webbing around... I have come to one website that actually got me clueless...
and I say clueless because it's hilarious... I got to the point that my brain halted because I'm laughing so damned hard!

I am a christian and I have to say I've found some good fun in these pages... specially in this one here.

There is a philosophical argument for Masturbation...

I wonder... if every time I "spank the monkey" I get tuned with Socrates and have a better understanding of live and my surroundings...

To know that you don't know anything .... (while "jerking off") sounds way better than just knowing you are a moron!.. but wait... THERE IS MORE

it isn't only an act that has a philosophical argument... it is a gift of god to us... (check here)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama says US is losing war in Afghanistan

Obama conceded today that Gringoland was loosing the war and opened to negotiations with Talebans.

The new strategy, which comes as Obama prepares to send 17,000 US troops to Afghanistan, emerged after a frantic 48 hours of American diplomacy in the region involving new overtures to Iran, Russia and the Muslim world.

Full Story here

Now; it is not new to me that the Gringos were loosing the war... what is new is that they accept it.
I wasn't alive when Vietnam came to scene but... they got their asses kicked pretty bad back then and Afghanistan was going to be the same story...

The reason?


These wars wasn't supposed to be won.... They were supposed to be sustained!

War is the most profiting business!

You are going to war, you need guns.... and who is it that you'll going to buy a gun from??

as I've said in my previous post about "Communism behind Capitalism"; it is pretty obvious that somehow the players in the Military industry are more powerful pulling some strings that what it seems...

Monday, March 2, 2009

The socialisim behind capitalisim

Ok... I do accept I just ended up with this post title because it sounds nasty... If i were trying to sell a book... this will be the title!

but let's face it... as everything I've been posting in this website...
....keep reading blogging da bullshit and you could see my logic.

The US economy is supposed to be the very example of what capitalism is... and I'm sure everybody accepts that as true without hesitation whatsoever.

Guess what...

a significant piece of the United States economy has been Socialistic for decades.
"What the Fuck are you talking about?".'ll ask?

and I'll answer... "The Military Industrial Market"

Did you know that all military weapons are purchased using "cost plus" contracts, in which businesses are guaranteed a profit?

Literally every weapon system comes in over its original budget... and those cost overruns are absorbed by guess who... uncle Sam!

by definition this is old school Soviet like Socialism.... PERIOD!

It is justified by the bullshit concept that these weapons are so important to homeland security that the companies who make them have to be guaranteed a profit, so they don't accidentally go out of business.

I'll like to keep it on this size... but

doesn't the declaration of independence says that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness??

Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Blogging da' BULLSHIT" finally have a reason to be!

As I has stated many times before here in "Blogging da' BULLSHIT"; I've been asked sometimes what and why I do blog... (yes, there is one or another WTF are you saying?)

Well; happens to be that since I was little, I developed a weird awareness and hunger for understanding and find meaning over things....

Television, Internet, movies, newspapers... the world population has been spammed with entertainment and pop culture crap; so we spent our time doing meaningless things like watching Paris Hilton ass..... that keep us "stupified".

Now the world faces a financial crisis because some MORONS took advantages of their position and manipulated the trends... The average guy was brainwashed to buy a home or a condo to rent it or hold it and flip it... Banks were loaning the money knowing that the loaner couldn't pay it back

(I'm thinking chewbacca defense fit like a glove here... if you know what i mean)

meanwhile, some people were screaming "you will fuck the system up" and nobody cares because you know... who do you think you are to go against the status quo?

Government (and by government I really mean corrupt bureaucrats) and politicians did what they do best.... mess it up more.... They literally pushed the problem forward... guess what.. THERE IS NO MORE FORWARD!

Now that everything blows we are back to the basics... with the huge debt.

Who is going to provide jobs to the millions of people who were caned lately? Well, please be aware that before the big corporations came to live, the mass of jobs were provided by micro and small business...

In fact, the changes that need to be done in order to fix this mess, will be done by small business... and let me tell you why:

Big players have significant amount of capital, they can run large ongoing media campaigns that ensure their position and all the resulting ranking advantages that money provides. Big business can cross promote their properties, they can buy out competitors and trounce the competition, even though they enter late. They hire people they can throw at problems, and waves of lawyers to throw problems at others.... and when their basis are shaking... the government give them more capital to keep on going with this practice.

what does a silly little guy like me, like you.... someone who is willing to make changes have?

just an internet connection.

and yet here is my REASON... because I do have an internet connection.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The man who sold the world....

I dunno why I've been getting this song in my head....
specially today that Obama spoke to the "gringos" on TV

Obama: "We will rebuild, we will recover, we will emerge stronger than before."

If you have been reading my previous posts; then you may get the sarcasm.... anyways I like to point out that seems to be that I'm not the one who is watching the glassball about this... check out what Russians have to say to support what I've been thinking..

by the way.. if you do not know what song i'm talking about... look for David Bowie (or it's famous cover by Kurt Cobain in Nirvana Unplugged)!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Safety Glass refrigerator tray....... yeah right!

According to my understandings, wen safety glass breaks.... it does not tear apart...
Ok let's say it was only "Tempered" glass (which is not the same thing) but still doesn't really give me a logical explanation why the refrigerator tray got broken.

Last night I was watching TV with my daughter an wife in the living room when suddenly we hear a weird noise...
I went to the kitchen and checked... nothing seem wrong so I went back to the TV.... (we live in an apartment so the noise could be because the neighbor or something... who knows)

So later that night i went to the kitchen looking for a glass of water and this is basically what I found..

As I said... I really don't have any logical explanation for this event... besides defective tray there is nothing else that explains why the glass broke like this.

A piece of a papaya, the water, couple of oranges and a flan was on it... nothing else.
maybe I should start calling samsung for a new tray at least...

what do you think?

Swiss party is passing on the bill

The right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) called on Saturday for retaliation against the United States over a U.S. tax probe into the country's biggest bank UBS that threatens prized banking secrecy...

If i were Swiss... I'll be so damned piss off....

Gringoland Government, especially the Justice Department, is so fucking arrogant that they couldn't care less about the types of political retaliation.

Force and violence is the only thing the US government really understands. It's the only thing they truly respect!

They are so used to the idea that they could get away with whatever that they need someone to stand in front and show them the finger...

Way to go!

details are here

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am king kong!

I dunno if you people are aware of what " the king kong defense" is...

Anyways, it is not because I'm a user of thepiratebay; but because the nature of the internet and the cyberspace itself that this whole trial is absurd.

only in one day and a half 50% of the charges were dropped.... there is nothing more to say here...

This just reminds me the episode of south park where the attorney of a record company used the "chewbacca defense"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And here there is more wood to the fire....

Recently, congress pushed the Obama's deficit-spending stimulus plan of $800 billion bucks...

Did you know that the assholes didn't read the bill?

And there's still people who want's to know How did we got in this situation?

And there's more...
The United States federal debt with this $800 billion added is bigger than the gross domestic product... OF THE WHOLE WORLD! (story here)

These kind of actions are the one's that makes me want to buy raw land and stick my head in there without TV... this level of stupidity and ignorance is just repulsive...
Failure of the system is inevitable... because it already failed.... and this corrupt bureaucrats are trying to keep the established status quo that is unsustainable by default...

Who is going to pay this +65 trillion in deficits?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why is it that i can´t win the lotery?

I know the title of this post sound stupid and all that... but let´s face it

Whatsoever I´ve been writing here is becoming true....

I do read sometimes "The Hal Turner Show" because I somehow like the way this guy write about real life from a red neck standing point...

Yes i know, i am not White or american (of course i am american because America is a whole continent, not the silly piece of crap country that should be named "Gringoland")
Anyways, is not that I am a hypocrite or anything like that... but hey... like everything sometimes this guy happens to be right and he wrote something that is backing up my thesis....

(details here)

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The awfull truth

I'm going to write the following just because I have the guts to do so..

United States of America WILL FAIL

As a nation; and such it's economy and it's position over the world...

Friday, January 9, 2009

a little bit about history...

Today I just feel in the mood of writing about the scheme that has been ruling the world since the XVI century...

Since 1789 the world has been setup to obey blindly the economic power who thrown out the monarchy and established the "novus ordum" using capitalism as it's cornerstone.

Well, capitalism as we know it, was born around year 1600 primarily in Netherlands and then in UK.
Several factors converged to the emergence of dutch capitalism. One of undoubted importance, but by no means exclusive, would be the settlement of a significant number of Sephardic immigrants who went out of Spain following the expulsion decree.

Of the approximately 300k who left Spain, the most importants groups settled in Ottomans domains, although there were numerous groups that directed their steps towards the Netherlands, England and the German cities of Hamburg and Frankfurt. The latter would be the time the parent company of several dynasties of financial ashkenazim such as Rothschild, Warburg, Mendelsohn and Speyer...

The names mentioned above speak from themselves.... These are the very first true bankers who managed to get involved with the aristocrats and designed the biggest scam of all times...

Anyways, it wasn't until 1694 by the proposal of a scotchman named William Patterson, the english parliament authorized the birth of an issuing bank incorporated as The Governor and Company of the Bank of England with long-term banking privileges including the issue of notes.
The share capital of the newly created Bank of England, which amounted to 1,200,000 pounds, was signed in full by private investors and three years later, in 1697, a new provision in parliament granted the exclusive privilege of issuing currency.

Well.. why do i bother writing about all these stuff... well, Ofcourse, as wikipedia states, this bank used the "fractional banking system" already mentioned in some older post... so you can definitely see my logic!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

And no more pushing forward is available...

ok... today is one of these days that i woke up with a slight pain in my back since my nearly 2 years old daugther want to sleep with daddy...

anyways, this is one of these days that i woke up with some willing to post some bullshit around this website.

So... we all know based on last events in the markets and all the news that some people don't wanna know because their 401k is fucked up or they simply invested in Madoff "hedge funds"..

we have reach a point where pushing forward the problem is not an option...and let me tell you why...

If you see this graph above, the blue line is trending down... and at the end there is an abrupt change... witch is normal because...let's face it, the behavior of this line is something we don't really give a rat ass...

But; according to the Fed, the M1 money multiplier is at 0.954 (see this)... yes if you see the graph the line end under the little number 1 in the left.. witch makes this a big deal.

The USA central bank (aka the fed) has lost control over the speed of the effect that every dollar they print and inject in the system has on the economy...

and yet they keep printing dollars out of thin air as a strategy of injecting dynamism to the economy

I wonder how much time will take for the US dollar to collapse... and the consequences of such a thing...