Thursday, February 26, 2009

"Blogging da' BULLSHIT" finally have a reason to be!

As I has stated many times before here in "Blogging da' BULLSHIT"; I've been asked sometimes what and why I do blog... (yes, there is one or another WTF are you saying?)

Well; happens to be that since I was little, I developed a weird awareness and hunger for understanding and find meaning over things....

Television, Internet, movies, newspapers... the world population has been spammed with entertainment and pop culture crap; so we spent our time doing meaningless things like watching Paris Hilton ass..... that keep us "stupified".

Now the world faces a financial crisis because some MORONS took advantages of their position and manipulated the trends... The average guy was brainwashed to buy a home or a condo to rent it or hold it and flip it... Banks were loaning the money knowing that the loaner couldn't pay it back

(I'm thinking chewbacca defense fit like a glove here... if you know what i mean)

meanwhile, some people were screaming "you will fuck the system up" and nobody cares because you know... who do you think you are to go against the status quo?

Government (and by government I really mean corrupt bureaucrats) and politicians did what they do best.... mess it up more.... They literally pushed the problem forward... guess what.. THERE IS NO MORE FORWARD!

Now that everything blows we are back to the basics... with the huge debt.

Who is going to provide jobs to the millions of people who were caned lately? Well, please be aware that before the big corporations came to live, the mass of jobs were provided by micro and small business...

In fact, the changes that need to be done in order to fix this mess, will be done by small business... and let me tell you why:

Big players have significant amount of capital, they can run large ongoing media campaigns that ensure their position and all the resulting ranking advantages that money provides. Big business can cross promote their properties, they can buy out competitors and trounce the competition, even though they enter late. They hire people they can throw at problems, and waves of lawyers to throw problems at others.... and when their basis are shaking... the government give them more capital to keep on going with this practice.

what does a silly little guy like me, like you.... someone who is willing to make changes have?

just an internet connection.

and yet here is my REASON... because I do have an internet connection.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The man who sold the world....

I dunno why I've been getting this song in my head....
specially today that Obama spoke to the "gringos" on TV

Obama: "We will rebuild, we will recover, we will emerge stronger than before."

If you have been reading my previous posts; then you may get the sarcasm.... anyways I like to point out that seems to be that I'm not the one who is watching the glassball about this... check out what Russians have to say to support what I've been thinking..

by the way.. if you do not know what song i'm talking about... look for David Bowie (or it's famous cover by Kurt Cobain in Nirvana Unplugged)!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Safety Glass refrigerator tray....... yeah right!

According to my understandings, wen safety glass breaks.... it does not tear apart...
Ok let's say it was only "Tempered" glass (which is not the same thing) but still doesn't really give me a logical explanation why the refrigerator tray got broken.

Last night I was watching TV with my daughter an wife in the living room when suddenly we hear a weird noise...
I went to the kitchen and checked... nothing seem wrong so I went back to the TV.... (we live in an apartment so the noise could be because the neighbor or something... who knows)

So later that night i went to the kitchen looking for a glass of water and this is basically what I found..

As I said... I really don't have any logical explanation for this event... besides defective tray there is nothing else that explains why the glass broke like this.

A piece of a papaya, the water, couple of oranges and a flan was on it... nothing else.
maybe I should start calling samsung for a new tray at least...

what do you think?

Swiss party is passing on the bill

The right-wing Swiss People's Party (SVP) called on Saturday for retaliation against the United States over a U.S. tax probe into the country's biggest bank UBS that threatens prized banking secrecy...

If i were Swiss... I'll be so damned piss off....

Gringoland Government, especially the Justice Department, is so fucking arrogant that they couldn't care less about the types of political retaliation.

Force and violence is the only thing the US government really understands. It's the only thing they truly respect!

They are so used to the idea that they could get away with whatever that they need someone to stand in front and show them the finger...

Way to go!

details are here

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I am king kong!

I dunno if you people are aware of what " the king kong defense" is...

Anyways, it is not because I'm a user of thepiratebay; but because the nature of the internet and the cyberspace itself that this whole trial is absurd.

only in one day and a half 50% of the charges were dropped.... there is nothing more to say here...

This just reminds me the episode of south park where the attorney of a record company used the "chewbacca defense"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

And here there is more wood to the fire....

Recently, congress pushed the Obama's deficit-spending stimulus plan of $800 billion bucks...

Did you know that the assholes didn't read the bill?

And there's still people who want's to know How did we got in this situation?

And there's more...
The United States federal debt with this $800 billion added is bigger than the gross domestic product... OF THE WHOLE WORLD! (story here)

These kind of actions are the one's that makes me want to buy raw land and stick my head in there without TV... this level of stupidity and ignorance is just repulsive...
Failure of the system is inevitable... because it already failed.... and this corrupt bureaucrats are trying to keep the established status quo that is unsustainable by default...

Who is going to pay this +65 trillion in deficits?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Why is it that i can´t win the lotery?

I know the title of this post sound stupid and all that... but let´s face it

Whatsoever I´ve been writing here is becoming true....

I do read sometimes "The Hal Turner Show" because I somehow like the way this guy write about real life from a red neck standing point...

Yes i know, i am not White or american (of course i am american because America is a whole continent, not the silly piece of crap country that should be named "Gringoland")
Anyways, is not that I am a hypocrite or anything like that... but hey... like everything sometimes this guy happens to be right and he wrote something that is backing up my thesis....

(details here)