Monday, February 23, 2009

Safety Glass refrigerator tray....... yeah right!

According to my understandings, wen safety glass breaks.... it does not tear apart...
Ok let's say it was only "Tempered" glass (which is not the same thing) but still doesn't really give me a logical explanation why the refrigerator tray got broken.

Last night I was watching TV with my daughter an wife in the living room when suddenly we hear a weird noise...
I went to the kitchen and checked... nothing seem wrong so I went back to the TV.... (we live in an apartment so the noise could be because the neighbor or something... who knows)

So later that night i went to the kitchen looking for a glass of water and this is basically what I found..

As I said... I really don't have any logical explanation for this event... besides defective tray there is nothing else that explains why the glass broke like this.

A piece of a papaya, the water, couple of oranges and a flan was on it... nothing else.
maybe I should start calling samsung for a new tray at least...

what do you think?


  1. Damm hope u get a replacement for free but as i know cars windshields and windows are safety glass and they just shatters the exact same way your tray did

  2. well dude...

    this tray didn't receive any hit or wasn't overload (taking into consideration we don't really know the loading limits of the trays i am sure that the water container, couple of fruits and whatever else i had there wasn't enough to generate the amount of pressure required to compromise the integrity of the glass...)