Friday, March 13, 2009

Microsoft is buying Dell.

I just received and email from my new source telling me that "Microsoft is buying Dell".

Apparently blogging da' bullshit is becoming popular enough to receive first hand this kind of "tips"

Anyways, my source told me that the merge (or buyout; who knows what's going to happen) is supposed to be done in full by late April (next month)

Taking into consideration that Dell stock has been dropping value since... lets face it; it has never been that high!

The average price for the time I was working there was around 30 or 35 bucks it my memory is not lying.... anyways; I've contact some of my old friends working at Dell and they told me 'that their chairman, Michael Dell has said he'll like to explore new horizons...

interesting words I supposed.

I wonder how it will affect dell employees...

Anyways, this is not an official announcement of course.... so don't go stupidly now and buy dell stocks since they are in less than 10 bucks because if you do that based on the "tip" I just told you, think that everybody will try to do the same and the stock value will drop based on higher demand.


  1. hey, that seems to be Aprils fools joke from a magazine, check the following article

  2. Well..

    we have been fooled...

    April will say