Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama says US is losing war in Afghanistan

Obama conceded today that Gringoland was loosing the war and opened to negotiations with Talebans.

The new strategy, which comes as Obama prepares to send 17,000 US troops to Afghanistan, emerged after a frantic 48 hours of American diplomacy in the region involving new overtures to Iran, Russia and the Muslim world.

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Now; it is not new to me that the Gringos were loosing the war... what is new is that they accept it.
I wasn't alive when Vietnam came to scene but... they got their asses kicked pretty bad back then and Afghanistan was going to be the same story...

The reason?


These wars wasn't supposed to be won.... They were supposed to be sustained!

War is the most profiting business!

You are going to war, you need guns.... and who is it that you'll going to buy a gun from??

as I've said in my previous post about "Communism behind Capitalism"; it is pretty obvious that somehow the players in the Military industry are more powerful pulling some strings that what it seems...

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