Thursday, March 12, 2009

What the hell?

While webbing around... I have come to one website that actually got me clueless...
and I say clueless because it's hilarious... I got to the point that my brain halted because I'm laughing so damned hard!

I am a christian and I have to say I've found some good fun in these pages... specially in this one here.

There is a philosophical argument for Masturbation...

I wonder... if every time I "spank the monkey" I get tuned with Socrates and have a better understanding of live and my surroundings...

To know that you don't know anything .... (while "jerking off") sounds way better than just knowing you are a moron!.. but wait... THERE IS MORE

it isn't only an act that has a philosophical argument... it is a gift of god to us... (check here)


  1. WTF... i have never saw something so STUPID and religious oriented....

  2. and why did you think I said HILARIOUS!?