Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It has begun...

It has been a month since I've posted something in this page; but if you are aware of the latest events on my personal live I think it is understandable.... anyways I do apologize for the frivolity.

I'm writing this post because (as usual) I do have a couple of words to say about something... today's toppic:

Swine flu.

I'm convinced that this is not a product of the "governing dynamics". I am 100% sure that this outbreak is the product of BIO TERRORISM....

Back at school I did pay attention to biology classes; and I understand clearly that a virus is a piece of DNA wrapped on a protective protein.
Ofcourse; based on it's structure mutations are very possible; in fact, every single year there is a new breed of flu virus.

But this time happens that the swine flu that started on mexico has genes nor for one nor two... but FOUR different types of flu....

I don't know you but I can smell the smoking gun around.... and the following video will back up my thoughts in this shit.

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  1. Swine flu... very interesting subject... but guess what... Flu is in everywhere... we just have to be clean lately for those stuff... who said that we can't get Veggie Flu in the near future??? We might soon get Flu on our food... then what the hell we going to eat??? AIR???