Monday, April 6, 2009

The Multi Level Marketing Scheme

I just can't start this post without thanking you all; friends and readers, for your support in the latest events. Losing a son change your live in many ways.

Now; getting into topic; my wife and I were recently introduced once again to the MLM scheme crap. Now it is coming stronger than ever since the world feels deep the wounds of the financial crisis and people are losing their jobs... (just have a guess on the sales pitch for a second)

The host; a guy who is on a wheelchair, was explaining that he found out the products looking for solutions to his problems... Some crap story about facebook who know what else ended with him joining "Agel"; a company that claims to develop a "gelceutical"; which means nutritional supplements suspended on gel.
This company hasn't been stablished yet in panama (the country where I live) so ofcourse been a starter means been on the tippy top of the pyramid.

Somehow; as everything hat "matters" acording to the host and the guy who was pushing the investment oportunity... the program worth $1000 bucks.
Ofcourse I came home after the brainwash attempt and made some reserach... and found some interesting shit.

1. Everybody who clams that Agel is crap.... actually is blaming the system; not the products. The reallity is that NOBODY can asure this gel suspension bullshit works or not... There is no independent study that found anything about anybody that has been used this gels.... so the products may be good or bad... who knows...

The facts:
Many doctors... and some people who think they know something about medicine... and ofcourse all the idiots that are brainwashed will tell you that you need supplements because you eat crap...
and because all you eat is crap, your buddy will sick and diying!

Ok; it is true; the world is fucking fat and sick... and we do eat crap; but

why is it that vitamins, supplements and all these nonsense bullshit make 80 billion dollars a year?


because we are stupid!

There are studies that Sodium Glutamate and sugar are poisons... lab rats are "created" with sodium glutamate and sugar to be fat since no fat rat is available "al natural" and scientist have to create their condition.

take a quick trip to your kitchen and find out that fucking everything is treated with sodium glutamate and sugar... and if not; maybe it says something like hydrolyzed vegetable protein... Same crap! That's a Sodium glutamate fancy name.

We eat like pigs and go to job.... (which is usually an air conditioned office) get back home.... grab the remote and turn on the TV while having dinner...

... and we wonder why we are fat.

So this habits have created a $80 billion business worth of BULLSHIT.

Every fucking minute there's a new crap out that claims to be an abs builder... or a fat burner or who knows what

Back to agel... no warranty if the products are just a mix of water and fancy flavored cool aid with gelatin and maybe some aspirin just to add some real medicine in here.

2. the Sales pitch:
They push hard the $1000 dollars package which includes 16 boxes of the gels... each box have 30 individual doses and worth 60 bucks according to them.
They also tell you that the average family use 4 boxes a moth...

so... who in the fuck is crazy to buy 60 dollars worth of bullshit with artificial flavor?

Even if the products do what they claim to do... or even if it is the elixir of youth; it is fucking expensive..

2 bucks per serving + shipping and handling... you have to be kidding me!

On the video they gave me/made me watch; there is and old guy saying that the breakthrough is the delivery system... guess what.. that is bullshit. Gel suspensions are older than the company (company has been started at 2005 according to my research) and then says that the mouth wash industry make millions by inventing the mouth wash strips... and that may be true but somehow it didn't convince me.

Actually what got me thinking is that here in the country there are like 2 or 3 people who actually joined; so if i lock my position in the company I'll be able to make a profit because it is starting...

... but that was also part of the sales pitch... they came with something like all network marketing companies are well established (so you are getting in too late) and some more crap that i don't remember.

So i saw a way to lock my position and get my money back ASAP... but I'm still thinking if doing the move or not because at the end; as you could see in what I'm writing... I think this is all crap

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