Monday, September 21, 2009

The gay virus

Since I've been in my coffee dosage; I had some loco ideas for a couple of movies... LOL
I've done some observations; and apparently, every 30 minutes some dude gets out of the closet.

So I've came with the idea of a spreading infection...
Bacteria usually have a 30 minutes period between every new generation; and then... what if the whole gay thing is a disease?? a spreading infection?

So, a macho-like hero scientist discover "the cure", and a whole controversy about the cure came along...

Worried parents where giving shots to their baby boys; you know, just in case... and of course as any other vaccine, the cure is actually a weaken version of the actual virus... and in some weird cases it actually infect the host instead of build antibodies.
Then, the defense about the "failures" on "the cure" is that some people posses a genetic predisposition ... so the whole picture is building up in my mind..
I have a hero for the movie; a funny yet controversial topic...
So, at this point I made whatever any other person will do... go to google and see if there is some text regarding a gay virus.

And oddly; I found that an expert in population biology, Gregory Cochran, said something about a gay gene... a lot of bullshit of course .... so we have a lot to develop here; then i found something about a gay virus, named P3N15 virus... nothing real... nothing scientifically speaking; just a bunch of crap... so yes we may have a possible blockbuster hit here.

back to the whole idea...

I'm imagining some biological attacks with this new discovered gay virus.... LOL
Places like Afghanistan where the macho arabs get "gay up" before marines lands.... and the gay arabs attacks them with gay attitudes pissing of the army...



  1. DUDE!!!
    U should register this, u never know wich untalented hollywood writer may still your script, this is hilarious, may work for some drama comedy or gay comedy either ways.

  2. LOL
    I didn't tough on that one...

    good call

  3. Dude... I don't know what the hell you smoke... but got a nice idea... hahaha... the funniest thing is... the P3N15 virus... hahaha...

  4. hahaha nice one
    pero hollywood nunca lo sacaria porq TODOS son patos ahi, y se van a sentir offended.

    indie movie 4 sure !

  5. Hey Weput, I imagine that you are the starring of this movie !