Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Automatic Gate Openers

This time I'll like to talk out about something that I've found annoying.
I live in a small apartment here in Panama city; and somehow the automatic gate opener of the building started to fail.

Since I am poor.... I don't have a scanner to check if the clicker was doing it's job or not... so I did what anybody without my electronics engineering training will do in this kind of situation; talk to his neighbors.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Facebook SUCKS!

I don't really wanna be writing stuff like this on my blog... bug guess what..

Today I think I got enough.

Facebook is a good idea... (maybe that's why people use it and bla bl abla) but here are some facts from a user standing point... ME

1.every single time I open the page; I see a gazillion bullshit applications with no other possible mean of existence than piss me off. I mean.. who cares of what color is my aura... what Sheldon Copper says (this one just copy/paste dialogs from the big bang theory)