Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Automatic Gate Openers

This time I'll like to talk out about something that I've found annoying.
I live in a small apartment here in Panama city; and somehow the automatic gate opener of the building started to fail.

Since I am poor.... I don't have a scanner to check if the clicker was doing it's job or not... so I did what anybody without my electronics engineering training will do in this kind of situation; talk to his neighbors.

Well... to make something long and boring short; happens to be that nobody notice the faulty automatic gate opener here.... except for one other soul that complained about it; but let me be a little more explicative around here.

Building administrator is a moron who doesn't do shit.
Neighbors usually get their asses in their apartments and talk to nobody... There is only a few who actually invite you to their place to drink a couple of beers and watch a ball game....

and the self call "President" of the co-owners board is a moron who only knows the administrator phone number to any issue the building has... (in other words... you talk to him and he refer you to the administrator like if this moron will do something)


i did some research and called the company who installed the automatic gate opener....happens to be that the guy installed an Italian equipment (why it always have to be Italian?) and yes... the receptor was faulty; but my clicker was running out of batteries too.

I asked for a spare clicker... and the guy said it worth 79 bucks.

this italian piece of shit worth 79 bucks... (I googled the PIC and yes... it worth 40 euro.. in italia!!)

what a great business... a programmable 433 MHz transceiver that cost less than 20 bucks to produce..


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