Monday, October 12, 2009

Why Facebook SUCKS!

I don't really wanna be writing stuff like this on my blog... bug guess what..

Today I think I got enough.

Facebook is a good idea... (maybe that's why people use it and bla bl abla) but here are some facts from a user standing point... ME

1.every single time I open the page; I see a gazillion bullshit applications with no other possible mean of existence than piss me off. I mean.. who cares of what color is my aura... what Sheldon Copper says (this one just copy/paste dialogs from the big bang theory)

who design this things? I'm getting bored of blocked them all you know.

2.People posting bullshit on their status...

well... this is pretty much all my complains about it. I check my facebook profile from time to time; look at the girls pictures the guys send me... you know

hey dude.. watch out this one (hottie on bikini with her profile open to the world)

I've seen so many SPAM regarding make money online or some other bullshit where someone is pushing a sale... and the facebook adds that are crap (I live in Panama I think everybody knows; and that means “Estudio Juridico Arauz” every fucking single time)

ok... that's off my chest; now I can keep reading about the 11th dimension.

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