Tuesday, February 9, 2010

blogger or self hosted wordpress....

Ok people...
I've been spending time into thinking what to do about this specific topic for bloggindabullshit.

One of my co-workers happens to be a good graphic designer who offered to make up my blog in change of some other knowledge... wich I accepoted.

so.. yes, soon I'll have a fancy unique design (not that mine isn't unique or cool enough) and since I own my domain..

however... there is nothing I've found that wordpress do that blogger doesn't offer me at the moment.

In fact; blogger give me the option of forgetting about webhosting and stuff... becuse it is owned by google... and let's face it.

who is going to hack google?

This site is not an adult site or any ilegal stuff related so no worries about been banned and stuff like that... which is what i've been found as answers on the forums and stuff.

I haven't make my mind yet on this toppic... but hey

Ineeded to  post something didn't I?

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