Friday, April 30, 2010

My new asus laptop

Some time ago, asus invented the netbook.

Great idea.
From a strictly engineering point of view it was brilliant. A cheap machine designed to do the job; and that's it. I don't know what is the idea behind it; but lets face it. If it get broken... you buy a new one in a new york day... maybe swap the hdd if you are lazy enough to customize it again....

Cheap, portable ... whatever a salesman will tell you to convince you; true.

But as many other people around the world... I don't need one.
I have a full blown desktop that i build myself. Quad core processor, 8GB of ram and two overcompensating full HD monitors to watch movies and play  videogames.

Anyhow... I got me this week a nice looking asus Eee (model 1005ha)
it last 8.5 to 9 hours on a full charge (nice!) and performance wise... perfect.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Live Butterfly Gardens

Ok... time to blog.

I live in panama city, Republic of Panama; where we have abundance of butterflies. In fact, panama, in some native Indian dialect means that; abundance of butterflies and fish.

Since I was born here; i honestly don't give a damned; but you know... webbing around while killing some time in the office (like you don't do it) I've found out that some people take the time to grow butterflies...

I've seen people grow iguanas, fishes, frogs... turtles and bugs; and in fact (thanks to the silence of the lambs) I know people collect butterflies; but never heard of growing them.

They even sell butterfly gardens kits with alive caterpillars that they mail out. NICE

I wonder... why there is always a "kit"?

anyways... I found interesting that it was such a popular hobby... not only collecting the butterflies; but grow them from caterpillars.
So inmediatly  and without thinking my business mind came along...

What kind of butterflies caterpillars can I find in my sunny, humid and beautiful Panamanian rain forests?
I can make a fortune if I were hunting such a thing...

now... been serius

This is a big huge thing.
One of the things I've learn while reading about butterfly gardens is that you actually need to handpick the plants and flowers you'll grow up, so they will get enough nectar and hang around your place... So the whole idea of getting these kits is actually to grow up the caterpillars and deal with your butterflies pets.


Maybe I've never tough about it because I'm a lucky bastard who actually is annoyed by all the butterflies that hangs around my place with no invitation.

so.. why do I care to about such a thing?

simple... in one of my alternate lives I'm a famous entomologist... like CSI Grissom.