Tuesday, August 3, 2010

changing the gmail account associated to your Google account.

Recently; I've found myself in a "fair and stupid" dilemma... I wanted to change my gmail address.

The deal was simple.. I need a new; not so offending username for my gmail account as mine is pretty obscene.

Back on the days that gmail was available only by invitation i had made an account and honestly don't remember why I errased it... Nevertheless, I had tested how good was the spam killer and filters big G implemented on their new free email product first hand; so I decided to create a new account specially for web business, warez forums and porn sites logins.

back on those days this social web shit didn't exist; and I couln't figure out that people from my job will be linking who was the motherfucker behind the gmail account.

Anyhow, with buzz, facebook, twitter and other stuff that i had logged in to test (using the gmail account in question) i've made some friends and shit... to find out that everybody knows who i am; and if they doesn't...t hey are still able to see my email address if they were smart enough... so I NEED A NICER GMAIL ADDRESS.

anyways.... google doesn't let you do that.

what the hell will I know.