Tuesday, August 3, 2010

changing the gmail account associated to your Google account.

Recently; I've found myself in a "fair and stupid" dilemma... I wanted to change my gmail address.

The deal was simple.. I need a new; not so offending username for my gmail account as mine is pretty obscene.

Back on the days that gmail was available only by invitation i had made an account and honestly don't remember why I errased it... Nevertheless, I had tested how good was the spam killer and filters big G implemented on their new free email product first hand; so I decided to create a new account specially for web business, warez forums and porn sites logins.

back on those days this social web shit didn't exist; and I couln't figure out that people from my job will be linking who was the motherfucker behind the gmail account.

Anyhow, with buzz, facebook, twitter and other stuff that i had logged in to test (using the gmail account in question) i've made some friends and shit... to find out that everybody knows who i am; and if they doesn't...t hey are still able to see my email address if they were smart enough... so I NEED A NICER GMAIL ADDRESS.

anyways.... google doesn't let you do that.

what the hell will I know.

I've tested removing gmail account from my google account... making my old and nicer hotmail account as the default for adsense and the other buch of crap I'm hooked in with google, to find out i can't really create a new gmail account and hook it to the gmail profile but the already existant/ just deleted gmail account.

The only real thing you can do is use your hotmail or whatever alternate email you have for your google account (in case you are deleting the old one) and create a new gmail address on a separate google account; wich means sending emails to everybody on the social networks scheme about you been a jackass and request their aproval for buzz and others.

I can get the point of ... we are picky about usernames and if you already have one you are fucked but isn't this kinda stupid?

the real solution; if you really want to change your gmail address is to make another one...and set the old one to forward everything to the new one + setting a reply to address and shit like that....

there is no posible way to link one google account to another and you'll be  doom to have 2 google accounts, one "dormant" an the other one active.

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