Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blackberry OS 6 on the bolt 9700

Whoever follows me on twitter or just happens to know me will know that I've been bitching around the fact that I've got drawn to the blackberry path as well as everybody in this piece of shit country.

Somehow, phone companies have brainwashed population... so everybody here thinks that there is no other way of having data on a cellphone if it's not a blackberry.

Anyways... blackberry data plan were cheaper than open data plans so I went the cheap road and got a blot2 (9700) who came with blackberry OS 5 and SUCKS BIG TIME

Then, because a couple of events that happened on the office I decided to use the "encryption" feature of the cellphone to encrypt my data and stuff. I'm not really sure if the thing really encrypt; but it definitely sucks processor resources and made it worst.
A friend of mine told me about his bolt2 with blackberry OS56 and I did the upgrade.... here are my thoughts.

RIM has made a serious improvements (at least i feel it that way) with this UI. It is faster than the previous version and the new webkit based browser improves A LOT the sucky browsing experience.
Overall, the whole thing has been retouched so the user interface is snappy and quick. The whole design seems sharp and resemble android or an iphone UI and yes.. I liked that.

Apparently I won't be trowing my blackberry against the wall on march as I was thinking to do when replacing it with a motorola droid pro (or better the flip out that looks quirky)

The truth is that... it is a beta release for my phone as RIM has only released it officially for the new torch (9800) so I'm been nice not to point out the couple of bugs I've found. Apparently the improvement on speed is making me happy enough to let it be; but the truth is that RIM need to upgrade the hardware... ATM every mayor manufacturer of smartphones is designing their devices with the Qualcom Snapdragon and this new blackberry OS6 seems to be putting more stress over the crappy processor  in terms of graphics (try to run texas holdem king2 or some other game and you'll get the phone freeze up).

For me, running blackberry OS 6 on the bolt 9700 only means a "delay" on the replacement... which means I earn a couple of months to save up for a new piece of hardware that worth it.
how to doit?


Like any Microsoft product... this blackberry os6 is a piece of shit with a prettier UI.
I feel the phone snappier but I have to reboot it way more often than with bbos5. Now.. taking into consideration that I'm running a Betta I can't be so dramatic; but yes.. it still sucks.

I've installed version on the bold 9700. Follow the link to know what I think

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