Sunday, December 5, 2010

The workship of patience...

I just wanted to vent out 'casue I've been suffering in first hand the Murphy law...

My wife is a sales manager on a company that sells/trade computer parts and accessories... silly me, I don't have a UPS or any other kind of power protection on this computer (home desktop); so I did the natural thing... ask her for one.

According to her, there were none available (at least not larger than 300 VA which is nothing), so guess what.. we didn't get any UPS.
Couple of days back.... bamm! porwer source.

So naturally... my motherboard got fried. I did the proper troubleshoot... no signs of pulse here... the thing is drop dead.
So I did the natural cheap guy thing... change the power source thinking that maybe the powersource was faulty and because it wasn't sending enough power to the board it didn't POST....

error... same thing.. no pulse.

well.. do not ask me what I did.. but while I was removing the thing I know I removed the 2032 CMOS bat to use it for something and fired it up... guess what


well, last night i was doing the oil service on my wife Fiat Palio and got along with it so I ended washing the engine as if the car will go to a show off or something... everything fine except that by the time I wanted to go home (after a couple of beers ofcourse) while I was driving on the highway the car started to add erratically as if some sparkplug is not firing up or something.

Odd... as usual I thought there were some water damage around so I reved up my engine as much as I could. After I burned fuel like an idiot I went straight to bed for my beauty sleep.

Today I took the car out to run some errants with the fam... guess what..
I ended again on Ozland troubleshooting and applying contact cleaner to every single electric contact I could see on that damned engine bay.

The car still faulty and I'm pissed of as I have no fucking idea what could be. I'm about to change the engine coils and the spark plugs cables to see if it lives on or what.

maybe it will get fixed by itself as my desktop.

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