Saturday, December 24, 2011

I just got into photography...

Well.. that's not necessary true.
Back on the 80´s, my father owned a pentax system... As every hobby my father had (excluding firearms) eventually it was passed on to me as he got "bored".

back on those days, there was no autofocus; so everything was 100% manual... In other words I have some old and forgotten experience taking pictures with a SLR...

anyways, I just got into the canon system as someone offered me a mint condition EOS 20d with a kit lens...

this is some of what i've done with it so far..

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As you may know already, I won a scholarship for my masters degree.... so about a year from now i'm supposed to be defending my thesis... then i've been collecting data and taking notes on some "not technical" stuff yet interested enough to make me sniff around.

superpopulation is one of them..

is the world already overpopulated or we have space for more people?

As the demand and supply for resources and money increases over time, it is common to get annoyed by the ones who fail to keep on their 5 senses... however, I've been thinking about it, and i have some interesting conclusions regarding this... at least from a strileckly engineering standpoint.

I'll need to run some numbers in order to say something properly, but i think we are on the verge of overpopulation.

  • We have seen some effects of the weather changes related to global warming... food production may not be enough as entire harvest get lost by flood, hurricanes etc.
  • The "open market" demand and supply does not incentive food production as there are more profitable activities, which have to do with the
  • Cost of energy. as food production requires energy and processing and packaging does need some more... 
the list go on and may go on for ever... however, these are weak arguments to such a problem, if the problem ever exist to begin with.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Centos 6 has a bug

as usual these days, I wanted to take advantages of a bunch of old USB drives that I have around, taking into consideration that pretty much everything could be installed from a usb drive..

I booted the server from the USB Drive everything normal but...
.. anaconda installer (centOS) is not able to locate the packages or image to install...

Thursday, October 6, 2011

The new blogger

As my time is compromised by the offline activities I have (like having an actual live) it has been long time since I've been writing something... specially for this website.

anyhow, today I though it would be nice to check on the comments and stuff... and found out there is a new blogger interface.
It looks pretty neat and clean... too much for my own taste to be honest.
  • The entire user interface has been changed dramatically; the color scheme, placement, and navigation is unrecognizable if compared to the previous version...
  • Several key Google services have been integrated more deeply into Blogger, including automatic Analytics data for blog content. This is very nice!
  • Post settings.. location ¿?  seriously¿?
this is simply different; and even if I don't like it, i think it is very nice. Maybe it will be integrated with google+ somehow,.... who knows.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Why i don't use Gnome

time to blog..

I had some time without updating this blog or anything. Aparently i'm to bussy to do such things...

anyways, i'm currently on forced vacations. My daugther got chicken pops so i decided to take a week off and take care of her (She is 4 years old)

meanwhile, i've been updating my new business website amont some others stuff that people usually do when are at home with nothing on deadline (Cleaning the kitchen, fixing some appliances etc)

so, tonite i was chatting with a friend about the new fancy Gnome3. I checked some youtube videos and honestly i seemed fancy and quirky but that's it... i left it like that.

Today the subject came up to surface again as he pointed me out that the pinguin man (Linus Torvalds) and some others HATE Gnome3. I've read what “the man” had to say and if whatever he said is true... Gnome3 sucks.

I'm a kde user... since i moved to slackware who knows when I never used gnome again and that's the way I roll.. but why exactly I don't use gnome?

Well... Patrick Volderking (slackware dude) dumped gnome from slackware because he had too much trouble debugging and stuff... [source]
and the other big reason... Gconf.

Gconf is, and i quote, “an atempt to recreate MS windows registry system in linux”
See here for more on that problem :-

Slackware distro doesn't come with it (well.. it is on the /extras) and since i don't use chrome or chromiun, i don't need it.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why glee is so popular

So much “propaganda” about it... too many friends telling me it rocks... I saw it; didn't like it and that was it... until tonight.

I was having some quality time with the wife, suddenly we ended watching “The glee project”. They are looking for other member of the band... bla bl abla.. then I suddenly got the point..

why does it works?

Simple... the world is filled up with freaks.

Everybody and their mother, by the time they were on high school had the issue of been popular, been noticed etc etc.... it is part of life.
As the individual is developing it's own identity... suddenly he/she realizes is different... then the freak show begins.

The drama on Glee explode the “different” kind and give them a reason of been appreciated... and that... is basically the chase of life.

The sad news for you is that, it doesn't really matter how wonderful, important, different or great you are... even if you where Jesus born 2000 years a go... you are just another bastard among the 6 thousand million people who walks tru the planned earth.

Since the homo sapiens sapiens existence there has been a freak boy who is trying to get laid, a girl who is miserable because is ignored by the guy she likes and the moron who have a high IQ to understand that all that shit is irrelevant because at the end WE ALL ARE DIFERENT and there is nothing you can do about it...

but kudos... they are making tons of cash by exploiting your lack of self awareness.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Slackware 13.37 is out

today slackware team proudly released official version 13.37...

I'm downloading ATM
if you are, do it thru torrent and keep seeding.!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

3 objects comming to earth.

I HAVE to write about this.

Regardless of all the Bullshit around the internet (specially youtube) where people are uploading videos full of crap with the end of the world; as usual I did my research and, as usual with this topics you are not able to know what is real, what is speculation and what is people filling up the internet with useless crap.

SETI (Search for Extra Terrestrial intelligence) Astrophysicist named Craig Kasnov announced he had discovered large objects out in deep space (around Pluto’s orbit). He and others scientist from SETI projects estimates that at the rate these objects are moving they will be arriving earth vicinity by mid December 2012.... ummm

the fact that some objects where found does not surprised me... but the date...
According to Mayan calendar, the return of Quetzalcoatl,when the long count ends (by December 21 of 2012), has raised the flag... media (specially the History channel) has been filling up with crap our brain about the end of the world and shit like that.

I've seen websites that claims that Mr. Craig Kasnov doesn't exist. He is not listed on any SETI directory... I googled him finding a bunch of websites with the same information I'm giving away here... but acording to this link, the idea of SETI@home was originated from a conversation between Craig Kasnov (our guy) and David Gedye, which somehow demonstrate this guys exist.

suspiciously enough, some other websites says that SETI@home program has been shut down...

Anyhow; the story says 3 objects, and the bigger one is around 240 km wide. .. but wait...
There is a number of solar system bodies which has been discovered out beyond Neptune, known as the “Kuiper belt” which consist of millions of objects of 1 to 100 km in diameter... (this is why finding the objects didn't surprised me at all); besides there is a 10th planet discovered in 2005 which is... more interesting. In 2005, Dr. Mike Brown of the California Institute of Technology announced the discovery of a new planet, bigger than Pluto (temporary named 2003 UB313).

Back to topic...

  1. Do NOT believe blindly anything... (specially if it is coming form the internet)
  2. Do NOT discard any idea... no matter how blunt and stupid it sounds... know the facts and take your conclusions.
  3. There is indeed a cover up... if you choose to believe it, then you are welcome to wait for Santa Claus on Christmas.
There is enough information around (specially on TV) about the FACTS that we are not alone in the universe; and if these 3 objects are really 3 mother-ships, this is NOT  the first time we (humans) interact with alien civilizations. The Ancient Aliens series (History Channel) has enough circumstantial evidence that made me think what they had been saying is true... specially Pumapunku ruins which was supposed to be build by a human civilization that had no writing...
 Follow this link to Skymap, load in the coordinates and see for yourself:


19 25 12 -89 46 03 - the first large object
16 19 35 -88 43 10 - a cylindrical object
02 26 39 -89 43 13 - the object as a circle

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Viva la LibreOffice

As I fucked up my kde couple of days back, I was prepared to do the “windows thing” reformat and reinstall... and so I did with my home desktop who runs Slackware64...and for my surprise, no more as the slackbuild is not currently maintained and taking in consideration that installing by compiling from source is a pain in the arse....

"Oracle's imposition of fees for some OpenOffice capabilities caused some of the venerable open source office suite's creators to head out on their own and create LibreOffice as a truly free OSS tool.”

LibreOffice is already on stable state and truth to be told... I see no  difference yet on Libre or Open; but the fact that The Document Foundation where created is the big deal here... I'm 100% sure that it will do to Office suite what Mozilla Foundation made for browsers.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fresh install of my desktop

Last night i had the great idea of upgrading kernel and other components of my desktop running slackware 64 with alienBOB Multilib Conversion customized to my needs/likes for dunno how long...

somehow the ATI driver got fucked up... and at the end I just did the windows solution (format and reinstall) because i was too tired to deal with the issue... (in the  middle X loaded fine but kde4 didn't in i tought.. Fuck it)

100% fresh slackware13 x86_64 is running with all security patches at home...but after all... dunno if I shall update to current (slackware 13.37) or stay on a stable.. release...


Thursday, March 17, 2011

The myth of anti gravitational propulsion systems.

As part of my daily routine, I trend to spend some time reading high tech stuff in order to keep my brain alive. So eventually, I end up reading some odd ideas and as usual, after all been me, I think about it and their realistic possibilities.

The physics principle:

Following quantum mechanics math we have discovered the possibilities of a Bose-Einstein matter state named Superfluidity. Just as a superconductor is able to conduct an electrical current with no resistance (no Joule effect over the work done by the electrons) a superfluid is able to flow with no friction. As the superfluid is flowing, since it will flow with no friction the flow speed will increase gradually and eventually the increase on speed will be exponential.

At certain point, this superfluid will reach relativistic speed (57.7% of the speed of light to be exact), which means it will be able to bend the space-time plane.

The device:

The idea is to keep a superfluid running forever as theory says; but in order to keep the fluid contained the need of a toroidal type device is definitely a must. This way we warranty that the fluid will be running in a circle increasing the speed as explained before.

Anyways, the only way to control the vortex created by the fluid movement without interfering with the fluidity will be if the fluid itself present ferrous-magnetic properties and the container an electromagnetic toroid. The ability of creating a ferromagnetic super-fluid is the key part and I'm 100% sure there are people working on this fluid as I type this words.

Assuming such a fluid exist, we have the technology to build a toroidal shaped propulsion system that will feed on anti gravitational forces. Now... let me pop some questions.

   why is it that the typical shape of UFO's is a flying disc?

Have I discovered something?... does UFO's use this kind of anti-gravitational propulsion system?


Saturday, March 5, 2011

About the content farm update...

Some years ago I liked to brag about me been connected to the internet around 1995… back then there wasn’t internet explorer and people used to chat using IRC. Today… it reminds me that I’m aging like milk…. LOL

Those days people had link list and the search engines didn’t exist. In fact, I think there were no html code yet….

Every bit of information was on txt files and 99% of the information available was technical. Today we have Google to manage our search queries and results. Yes, there are some other search engines, but after all, the one that matters is Big G.

Google after all is a company that has to do business and must be profitable. Some day they came with the adsense – adwords idea and started a revolution all over the internet. Adsense success stories were told and made some people (including me) wanting to go for the new American dream:
making money over the internet out of the thin air.

People started to build websites in order to apply for an adsense account while inevitably filled the internet with their crap. I remember I read back on 2006 something about some guy who did 4 months in a row 60k in earnings monthly… I wanted a piece of that cake… EVERYBODY and their mother wanted a piece of that cake.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm rusty

It is kinda hard to understand that the amount of memory a brain can process is limited... even if someone is able to remember with details things from 20 years back.. sometimes some things do not stick as the individual do not get into the limbic system.

Anyhow... I found the hard way that setting up a LAMP server with CentOS(Linux based machine with apache, mysql and php) wasn't considered important information and ended looking for a guideline in google.

As part of my “spread the open source” campain I decided to setup a test server for the office where everybody things Linux is an obscene word and I am some kind of geeky freak because I have slackware installed on my netbook.

Anyhow, my work doesn't really have to do with servers and setting up stuff anymore as I'm doing more project manager tasks....
wish me luck setting up a server farm made of old P4 machines laying around the office....

ok no more blogging...I have work to do.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Ideas for a real light saber....

I've been watching starwars and been who I am, again I started to materialize the mytical light saber...
In theory... a device who´s able to emit huge amounts of energy... and contains it on that particular shape is virtually impossible by any means we (humans) know atm.

however... a nice looking replica can be build with a couple of tesla coils and some HID lights....

time to talk to Mr. Lucas...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Meet Waze

Because the good stuff need to be shared.

Panamanian community has recently begun developing, so it'll take a bit of time until waze begins to deliver its full value in Panama City. ATM I used it only to pick up alternatives  for traffic jams (and believe me, it works) within the frames of reason (panama roads are just fucked up... nothing more to argue there!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blackberry OS 6 on the bold 9700

Installed Blackberry OS on the blod 9700

Check the first impressions on Blackberry OS 6 on the blod 9700.

By the time I learned that blackberry OS 6 was available for my phone I immediately tried to update it.


Simple… current OS sucks… There has been so much media crap around BBOS6 that I wanted to check first hand if I actually had to throw against the wall my phone or if I could keep it and save a couple of months more for a real phone with a snapdragon or some other 1GHz processor.

The problem is that, where I live… android based phones are just getting in the market (I’ve stated that I live in the republic of panama… which is part of Central America, also known as the 3rd world.) so back on those days I made a simple business decision…

  • Blackberry 9700 worth 300 dollars and data plan is about 10 bucks with unlimited bandwidth thru blackberry internet servers.
  • Android based phone (I was going after the nexus one) worth 650 in the US… so add like 50 to 70 bucks in shipping from gringoland to here… and because marketing shit… open data plan for this baby wasn’t open… after 1 Gb of usage it drops to 128 kbps for 15 dollars…
Six months later… my twitter account is full of blames to the sucker who wrote the blackberry OS… that piece of shit just freeze and lags as much as win98 while hocked on IRC receiving nukes.