Sunday, January 16, 2011

Blackberry OS 6 on the bold 9700

Installed Blackberry OS on the blod 9700

Check the first impressions on Blackberry OS 6 on the blod 9700.

By the time I learned that blackberry OS 6 was available for my phone I immediately tried to update it.


Simple… current OS sucks… There has been so much media crap around BBOS6 that I wanted to check first hand if I actually had to throw against the wall my phone or if I could keep it and save a couple of months more for a real phone with a snapdragon or some other 1GHz processor.

The problem is that, where I live… android based phones are just getting in the market (I’ve stated that I live in the republic of panama… which is part of Central America, also known as the 3rd world.) so back on those days I made a simple business decision…

  • Blackberry 9700 worth 300 dollars and data plan is about 10 bucks with unlimited bandwidth thru blackberry internet servers.
  • Android based phone (I was going after the nexus one) worth 650 in the US… so add like 50 to 70 bucks in shipping from gringoland to here… and because marketing shit… open data plan for this baby wasn’t open… after 1 Gb of usage it drops to 128 kbps for 15 dollars…
Six months later… my twitter account is full of blames to the sucker who wrote the blackberry OS… that piece of shit just freeze and lags as much as win98 while hocked on IRC receiving nukes.

Anyways… this is the 3rd version I try on my bold9700 and yes… every time I upgrade…  I see some stability increase… but yet performance is not.
This last upgrade seems to be quite useful as long as you don’t play Texas hold them or open waze too much…. Apparently whatever is requesting resources from the proc  in full will show you the “loading icon”.. a normal thing if you consider that blackberry hasn’t catch up with the market who is running 1GHz processors on the devices.

Another complain I have with it is the battery drain.

My battery last like 4 hours…  I’ll have to make a real benchmark on this one but still 4 hours is bad enough to make me think into buying a desktop charger or some spare battery.

Everything else is improved… I no longer get to the point of frustration where I want to throw the danm thing against the wall and I don’t remove the battery for hard reset anymore… (Haven’t in  4 days) and that fact was enough to make me blog about it.

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  1. Battery life does take a dump on OS6 on the 9700. Bear in mind that the 9700 is one of the last to only have 256MB RAM, so you are sort of doing the equivalent of running Windows XP on 512MB, it works - but that's about it.

    Rim didn't bring out the 9780 with OS6 just as a model refresh, they needed their top-of-the-line BlackBerry to work snappily with OS6 and lots of Apps installed.