Sunday, February 27, 2011

I'm rusty

It is kinda hard to understand that the amount of memory a brain can process is limited... even if someone is able to remember with details things from 20 years back.. sometimes some things do not stick as the individual do not get into the limbic system.

Anyhow... I found the hard way that setting up a LAMP server with CentOS(Linux based machine with apache, mysql and php) wasn't considered important information and ended looking for a guideline in google.

As part of my “spread the open source” campain I decided to setup a test server for the office where everybody things Linux is an obscene word and I am some kind of geeky freak because I have slackware installed on my netbook.

Anyhow, my work doesn't really have to do with servers and setting up stuff anymore as I'm doing more project manager tasks....
wish me luck setting up a server farm made of old P4 machines laying around the office....

ok no more blogging...I have work to do.

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