Thursday, March 17, 2011

The myth of anti gravitational propulsion systems.

As part of my daily routine, I trend to spend some time reading high tech stuff in order to keep my brain alive. So eventually, I end up reading some odd ideas and as usual, after all been me, I think about it and their realistic possibilities.

The physics principle:

Following quantum mechanics math we have discovered the possibilities of a Bose-Einstein matter state named Superfluidity. Just as a superconductor is able to conduct an electrical current with no resistance (no Joule effect over the work done by the electrons) a superfluid is able to flow with no friction. As the superfluid is flowing, since it will flow with no friction the flow speed will increase gradually and eventually the increase on speed will be exponential.

At certain point, this superfluid will reach relativistic speed (57.7% of the speed of light to be exact), which means it will be able to bend the space-time plane.

The device:

The idea is to keep a superfluid running forever as theory says; but in order to keep the fluid contained the need of a toroidal type device is definitely a must. This way we warranty that the fluid will be running in a circle increasing the speed as explained before.

Anyways, the only way to control the vortex created by the fluid movement without interfering with the fluidity will be if the fluid itself present ferrous-magnetic properties and the container an electromagnetic toroid. The ability of creating a ferromagnetic super-fluid is the key part and I'm 100% sure there are people working on this fluid as I type this words.

Assuming such a fluid exist, we have the technology to build a toroidal shaped propulsion system that will feed on anti gravitational forces. Now... let me pop some questions.

   why is it that the typical shape of UFO's is a flying disc?

Have I discovered something?... does UFO's use this kind of anti-gravitational propulsion system?


Saturday, March 5, 2011

About the content farm update...

Some years ago I liked to brag about me been connected to the internet around 1995… back then there wasn’t internet explorer and people used to chat using IRC. Today… it reminds me that I’m aging like milk…. LOL

Those days people had link list and the search engines didn’t exist. In fact, I think there were no html code yet….

Every bit of information was on txt files and 99% of the information available was technical. Today we have Google to manage our search queries and results. Yes, there are some other search engines, but after all, the one that matters is Big G.

Google after all is a company that has to do business and must be profitable. Some day they came with the adsense – adwords idea and started a revolution all over the internet. Adsense success stories were told and made some people (including me) wanting to go for the new American dream:
making money over the internet out of the thin air.

People started to build websites in order to apply for an adsense account while inevitably filled the internet with their crap. I remember I read back on 2006 something about some guy who did 4 months in a row 60k in earnings monthly… I wanted a piece of that cake… EVERYBODY and their mother wanted a piece of that cake.