Saturday, March 5, 2011

About the content farm update...

Some years ago I liked to brag about me been connected to the internet around 1995… back then there wasn’t internet explorer and people used to chat using IRC. Today… it reminds me that I’m aging like milk…. LOL

Those days people had link list and the search engines didn’t exist. In fact, I think there were no html code yet….

Every bit of information was on txt files and 99% of the information available was technical. Today we have Google to manage our search queries and results. Yes, there are some other search engines, but after all, the one that matters is Big G.

Google after all is a company that has to do business and must be profitable. Some day they came with the adsense – adwords idea and started a revolution all over the internet. Adsense success stories were told and made some people (including me) wanting to go for the new American dream:
making money over the internet out of the thin air.

People started to build websites in order to apply for an adsense account while inevitably filled the internet with their crap. I remember I read back on 2006 something about some guy who did 4 months in a row 60k in earnings monthly… I wanted a piece of that cake… EVERYBODY and their mother wanted a piece of that cake.

People were buying adwords to expose their crappy websites and make profit as they bought cheap adds to show expensive adds and make a dime by playing the system... but who cares? Big G had what they wanted… now everybody is going to advertise with google system… so the company will be profitable and eventually will sit their fat ass over 12 billion dollars.

This is why every time there is an algo update I got mixed feelings with google peeps.  We can’t deny their importance as they DO MATER. The internet has been shaped by G for good or bad… but plain and simply… what they are doing is cleaning up their mess.

Couple of years back Google awarded general websites that talked about virtually everything!. Web 2.0 was the shit and google did like the idea of user generate content. Today they are blaming these websites because their content is full of crap and spammers did took over. But what is really going on?

Search engine technologies is after all… technology.

As an engineer I can say without any doubt that up to this very moment, Artificial intelligence is not yet developed up to the point that it can replace human mind.  Common sense is something that personally I think it doesn’t exist; but the fact is that we cannot put “common sense” into a computer. A machine is not able to decide based what we, the humans called common sense.

An algorithm after all is a rule of dumb that a computer follows blindly…. And here is an example.

Every German is black

All black are ugly

Conclusion: all the German are ugly!.

By any means of the human mind formal structure, the previous conclusion is well made. New knowledge is deducted by the combination of both previews statements. Inevitably, the “all german are ugly” conclusion is made.

But we, humans are able to read and identify that both statements are false…. A machine can’t. I won’t be explaining any further as it is not the scope of this post (look for logic if you like), but even if this example is a little exaggerated, it defends my point.

Google datacenter computers follow the algo blindly…. And they do because no matter how elegant and complicated it is, it is based on fixed rules and a computer cannot deduct anything if it is not established by a bolean logics.

So… how is it that google’s algo is able to determine the quality and relevance of a website in order to set the index?

The truth is… it can’t.

The big computer is only able to match search terms with content of a site and that’s it. How Google algo rank and rate a site is a whole post by it’s own, but it is a system based on trust earned with time and backlinks. The computer cannot make a quality judgment.

How does the big G decide and find out which piece of information was the original one and wichone is the stolen (for the case of spun content)?... it doesn’t…. because it can’t.  Common sense based deductions is not yet achievable by any computer I know. Computers are damned fast doing calculations and shit… but they are stupid.

What I’m trying to say is that Google has always manipulated the search results at it’s convenience hiding behind a smoke screen of the promise of quality content relevant to the search terms... but, as soon as they find someone else is doing the same, a double morality speech is called upon with it respective algo update.

I can’t predict based soley on my observations when the new algo update will be and what it will take care of; but the fact that people are greedy and realizing big G cannot keep the promise of providing good, reliable, relevant and depurated search results, the mouse and cat game will keep on going as far as Google keep encouraging people to build useless websites and blogs with the only purpose of been rewarded with cash thru their adsense program.

Apparently someone big enough inside Google did notice what I´m saying here and activated the fear factor program that we are watching…

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