Thursday, April 7, 2011

Viva la LibreOffice

As I fucked up my kde couple of days back, I was prepared to do the “windows thing” reformat and reinstall... and so I did with my home desktop who runs Slackware64...and for my surprise, no more as the slackbuild is not currently maintained and taking in consideration that installing by compiling from source is a pain in the arse....

"Oracle's imposition of fees for some OpenOffice capabilities caused some of the venerable open source office suite's creators to head out on their own and create LibreOffice as a truly free OSS tool.”

LibreOffice is already on stable state and truth to be told... I see no  difference yet on Libre or Open; but the fact that The Document Foundation where created is the big deal here... I'm 100% sure that it will do to Office suite what Mozilla Foundation made for browsers.

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