Saturday, June 25, 2011

Why glee is so popular

So much “propaganda” about it... too many friends telling me it rocks... I saw it; didn't like it and that was it... until tonight.

I was having some quality time with the wife, suddenly we ended watching “The glee project”. They are looking for other member of the band... bla bl abla.. then I suddenly got the point..

why does it works?

Simple... the world is filled up with freaks.

Everybody and their mother, by the time they were on high school had the issue of been popular, been noticed etc etc.... it is part of life.
As the individual is developing it's own identity... suddenly he/she realizes is different... then the freak show begins.

The drama on Glee explode the “different” kind and give them a reason of been appreciated... and that... is basically the chase of life.

The sad news for you is that, it doesn't really matter how wonderful, important, different or great you are... even if you where Jesus born 2000 years a go... you are just another bastard among the 6 thousand million people who walks tru the planned earth.

Since the homo sapiens sapiens existence there has been a freak boy who is trying to get laid, a girl who is miserable because is ignored by the guy she likes and the moron who have a high IQ to understand that all that shit is irrelevant because at the end WE ALL ARE DIFERENT and there is nothing you can do about it...

but kudos... they are making tons of cash by exploiting your lack of self awareness.