Friday, August 5, 2011

Why i don't use Gnome

time to blog..

I had some time without updating this blog or anything. Aparently i'm to bussy to do such things...

anyways, i'm currently on forced vacations. My daugther got chicken pops so i decided to take a week off and take care of her (She is 4 years old)

meanwhile, i've been updating my new business website amont some others stuff that people usually do when are at home with nothing on deadline (Cleaning the kitchen, fixing some appliances etc)

so, tonite i was chatting with a friend about the new fancy Gnome3. I checked some youtube videos and honestly i seemed fancy and quirky but that's it... i left it like that.

Today the subject came up to surface again as he pointed me out that the pinguin man (Linus Torvalds) and some others HATE Gnome3. I've read what “the man” had to say and if whatever he said is true... Gnome3 sucks.

I'm a kde user... since i moved to slackware who knows when I never used gnome again and that's the way I roll.. but why exactly I don't use gnome?

Well... Patrick Volderking (slackware dude) dumped gnome from slackware because he had too much trouble debugging and stuff... [source]
and the other big reason... Gconf.

Gconf is, and i quote, “an atempt to recreate MS windows registry system in linux”
See here for more on that problem :-

Slackware distro doesn't come with it (well.. it is on the /extras) and since i don't use chrome or chromiun, i don't need it.

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