Thursday, October 6, 2011

The new blogger

As my time is compromised by the offline activities I have (like having an actual live) it has been long time since I've been writing something... specially for this website.

anyhow, today I though it would be nice to check on the comments and stuff... and found out there is a new blogger interface.
It looks pretty neat and clean... too much for my own taste to be honest.
  • The entire user interface has been changed dramatically; the color scheme, placement, and navigation is unrecognizable if compared to the previous version...
  • Several key Google services have been integrated more deeply into Blogger, including automatic Analytics data for blog content. This is very nice!
  • Post settings.. location ¿?  seriously¿?
this is simply different; and even if I don't like it, i think it is very nice. Maybe it will be integrated with google+ somehow,.... who knows.

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