Wednesday, November 16, 2011


As you may know already, I won a scholarship for my masters degree.... so about a year from now i'm supposed to be defending my thesis... then i've been collecting data and taking notes on some "not technical" stuff yet interested enough to make me sniff around.

superpopulation is one of them..

is the world already overpopulated or we have space for more people?

As the demand and supply for resources and money increases over time, it is common to get annoyed by the ones who fail to keep on their 5 senses... however, I've been thinking about it, and i have some interesting conclusions regarding this... at least from a strileckly engineering standpoint.

I'll need to run some numbers in order to say something properly, but i think we are on the verge of overpopulation.

  • We have seen some effects of the weather changes related to global warming... food production may not be enough as entire harvest get lost by flood, hurricanes etc.
  • The "open market" demand and supply does not incentive food production as there are more profitable activities, which have to do with the
  • Cost of energy. as food production requires energy and processing and packaging does need some more... 
the list go on and may go on for ever... however, these are weak arguments to such a problem, if the problem ever exist to begin with.

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