Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Updating/upgrading my netbook

as you know, I run slackware on my asus 1005ha... and since slackware is what it is...i pretty much do not spend time upgrading or patching anything... stable release install.. configure and that’s it... however something have called my attention with the new release of kde 4.8.0

While running win7 or winxp, this little machine is able to do 8 hours of usable battery life thanks to asus superhybrid engine (a proprietary under-clocking management system) ... on linux... I barely do 4 and half hours.... that pissed me off as I know it is related to configuration etc.

Back on the day I bought this machine I tried (as in miserably failed) to match battery life on slackware; however, there is a point where you really don’t care. 4 hours is good enough if compared with several other machines around + the fact that I run kde with full eye candy... who in fact consume resources.

Kde 4.8.0 is supposed to have a better adaptive power management... so I went to the upgrade... compiled packages like an idiot for a couple of hours and then BAM... alienbob (a known slackware contributor) made some slackbuilds... and the packages for slackware-current... so eventually I ended up updating the whole thing as the new kernel 3.2 series features called my attention.

I haven’t done any benchmark or anything alike but according to kde battery monitor, usable computing time has been up to 6 hours and something... and kde4.8.0 is fast. I’ve read somewhere that it may be as fast as xfce.... however, on the netbook is not really noticeable the speed boost it feels very responsive!

Time to make a backup and a clean install of slackware-current + new kde 4.8.0 apparently...