Thursday, April 26, 2012

Calligra vs Libreoffice

As I've updated to kde 4.8.2 my slackware based netbook, I've noticed the Calligra packages and didn't actually installed it until now that Pat V. has included kde 4.8.2 on slackware current.

so what the hell... i installed it and test it.

Of course, before anything I did whatever anybody will do when does not know something... i google calligra vs libreoffice.

Aparently Calligra shares code with kde and ofcourse is based on qt etc... Some people have been arguing that libreoffice has over 5million lines of code vs less than 1 million code lines for calligra etc... As libreoffice is a very good product I had to put my hands on calligra and see what the fuzz is all about.

I have to report that the performance of this thing is quite good... specially compared to libreoffice that takes some time to load.
I've been dealing with over 1Mb .docx  files and have no complains but the user interface that is... odd
I haven't been able to test any  big and fancy odf or any rtf file to see on real basis what was going on with open formats... however, for someone like me (who actually uses kde on a netbook) is nice to use more efficiently the processing power.
Spread sheet is working sweet...
Calligra stage (powerpoint) opens big ass picture loaded file.

I have no idea what will happen in the future and I won't be trying to predict it. Calligra now is looking for developers and libreoffice has a huge community behind it's develop so we will see... however, from an end user stand point its a promising suite.

I'll like to point out that I DON'T LIKE the end user interface of calligra.. is odd. Maybe i'm too used to libreoffice and microsoft office suites but at the moment, calligra is weird with the tools on the right side... I'll report the progress on this thing and if there is a way to change or custimize it.