Thursday, June 21, 2012

Finally a skype update for linux platforms

One of my pals tweeted about that "finally" they gave some care to linux community by releasing skype version 4.

As it is well established here, I'm a slackware user, which essentially means I don't give a rat ass on the latest software... but skype had like 2 years (or more) without any improvement for the linux crowd.
As usual, no slackware packages available so i tested the slackbuild script available here, changed the version number and ran the upgradepkg utility...

quick and sweet.... it worked. (it had to because, as far as i know, skype does not release code but a binary package that is repackage by the script)

Anyways, besides the eye candy, I see nothing new... in fact, it annoys me that they put a "recent" column on the left of every chat window... but i finally got it off by disabling the default view on the options -> chat  ;D

Official announcement on skype blog.

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