Friday, November 2, 2012

About Equilibrium... (raw ideas of my new book.. .currently ramblings)


As life goes on, I’ve been dealing lately with several task on my queue.. however, I’ve manage to get 15 pages on my “book”... and here is the main idea.

The book tentative name is “The imperative of globalization and the ideal of universalism”... and one idea is around the title of this post. Equilibrium

If you think about it, nature always looks for equilibrium. Every system, specially when seen at global scale, is after all, a living prof of Newtons law... 
forces at equilibrium. 
But we, humans, deny it existence as it is imperative that current status quo prevails at any cost.

Capitalism and Communism at the same time.

On the biosphere, which is in simple words, the “layer” of our planet that sustain life; the current bigest animal is the whale.

And the biggest whale feed of krill... the smallest sea animal (mind that bacteria are not animals or plants according to taxonomy); ironic.
This interdependency on what we know as biosphere is critical to understand my point, If I where a whale.. I'll pretty much want krill to prosper so I could ensure my future source of food. Now, let’s take that same idea and extrapolate it to our global economy...

does the whale (banks) at the moment are looking for your survival?

Funny enough it is that 2008 crisis is not the fist time US government (and by default, the rest of the world as the US dollar is the current global currency where all governments save their reserves) bail out the banks. I’ve learn this is the third time!

And as soon as the US government bail out the banks; by definition they become “public property” as the US government, using USA state resources (aka people’s money) is the current owner of the whole financial paradigm... I don’t know you, but that sounds like banks are not “private entities” anymore..

in other words, those are state owned enterprises... that is textbook communism (socially owned means of production)

It is fairly spread that bankers, insurance companies and others financial community related CEO’s pay themselves big bonuses checks AFTER the bailout... and that the Federal Reserve did gave them more money than what they report...

bottom line is: when they make money... no problem.. big checks for CEO's.
When they lose money... uncle Sam goes all in (using our money) to bail them out,...

... and we still get the axe; and our children’s children (or maybe grand grand children) will pay the bill.

I’ll leave it like that because I’ll spoil the book... But you are seeing here clearly that they can't claim to be a capitalist world when socially owned means of production are on the table; but the benefits of those means of production won't reach everyone but the CEO's and the others on the elite.

but when they make a mistake, before they start filling their respective bankruptcy paperwork... they call Uncle Sam

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