Sunday, April 14, 2013


I’ve spent some time today reading/researching about a topic that never called my attention until now... bitcoin.

And it is funny I didn’t dig on the subject as this blog lately has been filled with economics topics among other things. Someone pointed to me that my blog has been showing how my mind has evolved...

Nevertheless, (I’m not going to argue about me evolving because I haven’t) I wanted to share some ideas about this bitcoin thing.

Currently we are living some kind of “gold rush” as the bitcoins prices are climbing... as any other currency, it has it’s ups and down; but the interesting thing is what actually bitcoin is.

Bitcoin is a “virtual currency”.

Somewhere in 2009, a hacker with a Japanese name had the idea of a decentralized currency. Ironic, since the financial crisis and all. Anyways, instead of a central bank, bitcoins are issued by anyone and everyone with a personal computer that is willing to. It is mined by solving cryptographic problems related with the transactions that are broadcast between the users; enforcing chronological order, protecting the neutrality of the network and limiting the amount of bitcoins available.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Why freewill sucks... (more raw ideas of my new book.. .currently ramblings)

The whole idea of choice is bullshit.

I understand that this specific subject is.. .to put it on an educated perspective, problematic. After all, free will is kind off what resides behind religion etc.

At the end of communism, humanity as a whole conceived the idea that rights and choice where secure to everybody; and the promises of a better future where evident on the horizon.

that was about 20 years ago... 1989 I think, it was when they demolished Berlin wall; the very act that demonstrated how communism failed and established the new era.
I mention this simply because if you think about it; ideologically capitalism is based on the idea of choice in every level of our life... not only in regards of consumption (as in what brand to pick on the supermarket), but in the perception of life as such.
Everyone can make it.
The “self made person” is the cornerstone of modern capitalism ideology. Today, everybody can be a celebrity or whatever... but what have changed is that before; by the time of my parents, you needed to have a special set of skills to become famous.

You became a celebrity by providing a benefit to the rest of the world...
… today, anybody can be famous just because is a moron who has a youtube channel.